Why Shouldn’t You Wash Your Face in the Shower?

It’s always nice to combine steps of a routine. It saves time and energy which can be hard to come by for most of us. However, combining steps isn’t always the smartest idea. Is it bad to wash your face in the shower>? When it comes to showering and face washing, there are some pretty substantial points as to why you shouldn’t continue combining these steps. 

So what are these substantial reasons? It actually boils down, literally, to one reason: the heat of the water. It’s safe to say that most people opt for decently hot showers out of preference. What people don’t realize is that the hot water that you love sitting under is much too harsh for your skin, specifically your face. That being said, it’s a pretty quick conclusion to draw that face washing and hot showers aren’t the best mix. 

The Science

So let’s talk about the science behind why you don’t wash your face in the shower. As you probably know, the skin on your face is already more sensitive than other areas because it is thin and fragile. This means that heat, harsh water pressure, and all of the components that frequent a shower can irritate and damage your face. So much so, it can cause rosacea flare ups or permanently damage vessels that can alter your complexion or skin texture if taken to extremes. 

This is also something to note for your entire body. While it does feel good and can be a therapeutic experience to run scalding hot water over your skin. It is not a good practice. It can damage your skin pretty heavily, just like your face. Next time you hop it shower, washing your face or not, turn the temperature down just a tad to give your skin a breather. 


So what does that mean? There are a few solutions to this big no no. First, and the most obvious option is to go back to washing your face outside of the shower with cool or lukewarm water. After all, you are more than likely not showering twice a day, which is how often you should be washing your face. This just separated the steps for when it’s also time for a shower.

I recommend washing your face after the shower. While the heat is not good to pour directly onto your face, the steam can open up your pores allowing for a better cleanse and product to get into your pores easier. 

Option two is to start taking cool or lukewarm showers, or turning the water down when it is time to dip  your face in it. There are a few benefits for this. Cold water can get your blood pumping and proper circulation through your body. It’s a great way to wake yourself up on a dreary tired morning. Get your morning started with a bang. 

Switching from hot to cold showers can be a big adjustment. From experience, it can be more difficult to switch the water mid shower to wash your face than to start and end with a cold shower. The initial shock subsides, but the aftermath is worth it in the long run. 

If you are going to choose the colder water option to start washing your face in the shower, then you should also change the way you let the water hit your face. Instead of standing directly under the shower head. Cup your hands and splash water onto your face to prevent damage from heavy water pressure. This will give you the best of both worlds, combining both steps but getting rid of heat damage and heavy pressure damage concerns. Next time you take a shower, give this a try and see how you feel! 

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