What Is Setting Spray and What Is It Used For?

Setting spray has been around for a while now, but loads of people still don’t truly understand what it can do or utilize in the right way. Celebrities and makeup artists alike have been holding onto this secret for years, but it is time that everyone join in on the fun. That is where I come in. I am going to jump head first into this phenomenon for all of my ladies and gents out there wanting to give it a try.

Setting spray can be a game changer to your makeup routine. This product will quickly turn into one of the priorities in your makeup arsenal if you aren’t careful, so strap in, get out your notebook, and start taking notes my fellow makeup lovers!  

What is Setting Spray? 

Before we dive into what setting spray does or when you use setting spray, we have to understand what setting spray is to begin with. As you might assume, this is a spray that you use on your face. However, unlike many sprays, this goes on your face to help set your makeup in place, hence the name. There are loads of makeup artists that swear by setting spray as the final touch that makeup needs to last all day. 

Setting spray does have a few different ingredients in it. While these are formulated to have the best and longest lasting results, they can be a bit harsh on sensitive skin at times. If you do fall into the sensitive skin department, look for a fragrance free option to minimize the ingredients and keep things as natural as possible. Like any makeup product, certain brands will be worse than others, so do your research. Always look for a cruelty free option as well as natural products that will benefit the environment and your skin. 

What does Setting Spray Do? 

So what exactly does setting spray do? It accomplishes a few things for one goal overall: longer lasting makeup. It does this by reducing the amount of creasing in your skin to create a smooth complexion as well as acting as a glue for your makeup to stay in place without smudging or transferring all day long. Think of this as the velcro for your makeup. 

Many people compare this to makeup primers. While they are very similar, the biggest differences are the type of application and when the product is applied. Primer goes on before your makeup while setting spray is used at the end of your makeup process. While primer may do a good job of keeping your foundation in place, this can grab all of the products on your face and reduce transferring much better since it is set on top of your entire look. 

People have also compared it to setting powder. These are not quite the same either, as they accomplish two different complexions by the end. Setting powder does set your makeup in place similarly. However, it doesn’t give a glow or brighten your makeup like setting spray. 

On the contrary, setting powder creates a matte look that might be ideal for those with excessive oily skin. Setting spray contributes to the dewy look that we are seeing in the media constantly right now. For my oily skin crowd, you can still use setting spray, just be sure to wash your face well beforehand, and keep a blot sheet on you in case. 

When to Use Setting Spray

Like I said, setting spray is used at the end of your makeup routine, but when is it proper to use? After daily makeup? For special occasions only? The answer to this question really depends on your lifestyle and how you utilize makeup. If your typical look is a full face of makeup, then yes! Use setting spray every time to ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

If you are more of a minimal makeup guy or gal, then it might not be an everyday use, but for special occasions such as a long night out, an event, or when you have a long day ahead with little time to worry about touch ups. The biggest concern isn’t when to use setting spray, but rather knowing how to use it and allowing for your makeup routine to shine through long and stressful days. Go give it a try and see for yourself whether you are jumping on the bandwagon!

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