What Does Niacinamide Do in Skincare Products?

So many products promise to be jam packed with loads of vitamins that will transform your skin, but not many know what those vitamins are. Today, we are going to change that. I am going to talk to you about niacinamide and all its benefits. So, what is niacinamide and what does niacinamide do for the skin? 

There are a few different names for niacinamide, but the one you are more likely to be familiar with is Vitamin B3. This is one of the best additions to your skincare routine no matter what skincare type you have, and it has been incorporated into loads of skincare products for this very reason. 

What is Niacinamide? 

First things first, let’s dive into what niacinamide is in a bit more depth. The vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide, is naturally found in greens as well as whole foods. However, it can be produced. This is where using niacinamide for skin care comes in, like we are diving into today. 

The biggest thing to takeaway from niacinamide is that it works on a cellular level to help repair cells and form new ones, which is why it is so appealing to the skincare world. Think of niacinamide as the catalyst to the power house that was already there, just needed a bit of gas to go. 

Niacinamide Skin Benefits

So we know what niacinamide is, but what are the real skin benefits? Here is a quick list of the biggest perks of using niacinamide: 

1. Texture

Since it helps rebuild cells barrier back, this means any texture issues or concerns diminish significantly. Whether you struggle with acne scarring, naturally uneven skin tone, or other texture issues, adding vitamin B3 can help achieve a smoother complexion. 

2. Pore Shrinker

Okay, so technically your pores don’t actually shrink, but niacinamide can help the appearance of shrinking pores. It’s important to mix this with a proper daily skincare routine in keeping your skin clear. This is the largest reason for the appearance of large pores. 

3. Balances Oils

So many people’s largest skin concern is overproduction of oil. Join the club. I get it. It can be a difficult beast to conquer. However, as an oily gal myself, I have seen great results adding niacinamide into my routine. It allows for my skin to get the necessary amount of oil, but removes the excess that sits on top of my skin and causes breakouts. 

4. Strengthens Skin Barrier

When you allow for the generation of more cells, it helps build your skin barrier to give a plumper and more youthful appearance. This means less wrinkles and fine lines, no more paper like skin, and strength against irritation. If you are searching for a product that will bring back your youthful glow, then search for something with vitamin B3.

How to Use Niacinamide

What is the proper way to incorporate this into your skin care? Niacinamide is safe to use morning or night, on a daily basis. If your skin is prone to irritation, it might be best to start every other day or twice a week and work your way up just to be safe. However, it is a very safe product that can be used in conjunction with the rest of your normal skin care routine. 

Be sure to follow up with your sunscreen to protect your skin as well as a moisturizer. Even the oily gals need to moisturize in the morning and night. This could actually be one of the reasons why your skin is oily if you aren’t using moisturizer regularly. 

The biggest thing when it comes to niacinamide or any skincare product for that matter is routine and repetition. Be diligent with using your products and let your skin get used to the product in order to see the best results. The biggest mistake people make when trying a new product is having no patience and giving up before the results come through. 

Products with Niacinamide

There are a few different options to choose between when trying to get vitamin B3. Some will be labeled as a niacinamide product, while others will have it listed under ingredients only. You can also choose between serums, creams, or even powders. Each option will more than likely be paired with other beneficial ingredients, so find the options that benefit your skin type and skin concerns the most. 

Now that you are a pro on all things vitamin B3, don’t just sit on your knowledge, go grab a product with niacinamide and start reaping the benefits of everything it brings to the table! 

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