Vitamin E Oil For Hair: Uses, Benefits, and More!

Ready to start experimenting with hair oils? Vitamin E is a safe bet. It’s a well known antioxidant long respected to protect and maintain youthful skin. More recently, it has been growing in popularity as a solution to a healthy scalp, and smooth tresses.

I want to go over vitamin E oil for hair and whether it’s right for you. Read on to learn more about this oil, its benefits, and who should use it. 

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil For Hair

Vitamin E is a very potent scalp antioxidant, hydrator, and is known to increase blood supply to the scalp. The main benefits you’ll receive include as a result of this include: 

Boosts Scalp Health

Consider Vitamin E a conditioner for your scalp. It helps increase moisture and hydrate dry, flaky scalps. 

Stimulates Hair Growth 

Will Vitamin E oil help hair growth? Absolutely. 

The properties found within this antioxidant reduce cell damage, consequently improving growth. It also stimulates capillaries (blood vessels that form a connection between arteries and veins). This in turn, increases blood flow to the scalp, encouraging growth. 

Increases Shine 

One of the immediate benefits I always notice when applying Vitamin E to my hair is the boost of shine, making it look like I just stepped foot out of the salon! Again, moderation is a key. A few drops goes a long way. 

Prevents Hair Loss 

Could Vitamin E oil for hair be the holy grail to hair loss? Many experts think it very well could be since this nutrient prevents the breakdown of existing hair follicles. It holds antioxidant effects that reduce oxidative stress which could cause follicle cells to break down. If you struggle with hair loss, it may be worth giving this nutrient a try. 

Enhances Hair Strength 

My locks always feel stronger after using Vitamin E oil for hair. I know it’s not all in my head since this oil is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that protects my tresses and scalp from damage. It’s also known for preventing breakage and aiding split ends.

Who Should Use It? 

Do you have coarse or dry hair? Are your locks damaged? How about your scalp? If you answered yes to any of the above, Vitamin E is right for you. 

Experts agree that this oil works wonders for all hair types. This includes natural or color-treated locks. It’s a fantastic option if you’re trying to add some shine to your hair or if you have dry locks that need some rejuvenating. It’s also great for anyone experiencing hair loss or thinning. 

Who is it NOT right for? Anyone with a sensitive scalp, chemotherapy patients, or individuals experiencing thyroid issues.

How Often Can You Use Vitamin E?

It is possible to overdo your use of Vitamin E oil. I never use more than a few drops. Also, I only use it after I wash my hair (every other day). Using it every single day will cause irritation. Plus, your scalp doesn’t need it so often. 

Pro Tip: Use Vitamin E with a carrier oil. This can include olive or coconut oil. Using the two together will minimize irritation (more on this next). 

How to Use Vitamin E Oil

You can use Vitamin E topically or intake it through dietary consumption like whole foods or supplements. Supplements are great if you can’t include enough Vitamin-E rich foods naturally within your diet. However, applying it topically is easy and can be done a few ways:

Add to Shampoo/Conditioner

Adding it to the products you use to clean your tresses is a great way to add some shine. Only do this if your existing hair care products don’t already contain vitamin E oil.

Apply as a Leave-In Treatment

You can also mix 3-5 drops of Vitamin E to a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. Then, massage it directly onto your scalp after you shower. This works as a great leave-in treatment for both your scalp and your hair. You can do this every other day, unless you have a sensitive scalp.

Use as a Natural Detangler 

Another option you have is applying Vitamin E oil before your shower. This will help detangle it before you even shampoo or condition it. If you have very fine hair, you will probably find that you don’t need to condition following this pre-shampoo treatment.

Consume Vitamin E Rich Foods

You can also increase your consumption of vitamin E through foods like nuts, seeds, or leafy greens. This will aid your scalp but also your overall health and nutrition. 

Final Thoughts 

Vitamin E oil for hair can work wonders as long as it’s used in moderation. Follow the tips above for an easy way to boost scalp health, add shine to locks, and strengthen hair.

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