Top 15 Types of Ponytails Ranked for 2021

Ponytails have been the most common hairstyle for quite some time, so it can be difficult to keep this look fresh. Whether you are looking for a fun look to keep your hair out of your face or something to mask your oily hair, ponytails are a great solution. 

With so many types of ponytails, there is a lot to experiment with. Instead of forcing you to weed out the not so great options, I have tested them out so you don’t have to. Here are my top 15 favorite ponytail variations that are versatile and easy to accomplish. 

1. Classic

Life is hectic, and sometimes, our hair pays the cost. A classic pony is a great solution to keep our hair up without losing the element of something fun to our look of the day. Whether your hair is short, long, curly, straight, a classic pony is the first option on the list. 

2. Low Ponytail

A low ponytail is a fun switch from the classic pony. If you have fallen into the curtain bang trend, this look is a perfect way to accentuate your front hair pieces while keeping the rest of your hair up. Be sure to use a good elastic as low ponytails can be as tight or loose as you choose. They also have a ton of variations, but we’ll get into that later. 

3. Add a Scarf

I can not get over scarves right now. This look is fun and easy to incorporate into all hairstyles. The most popular way is simply wrapping the scarf around a low ponytail and tying it. However, some talented scarf enthusiasts use a scarf as a third strand of a braid or even create a bun with a scarf, so experiment a bit!

4. Small Braid

Small braids are much less of a commitment for the babes in a rush or with little patience to learn a french braid. This adds some depth to a look and creates an earthy look. You can go with one small braid or tons of them. Have fun with it!

5. Full Braid

We know. Flashbacks of our childhood are already popping up, but a full braid ponytail has a much different takeaway than our hair in kindergarten. This look can be an edgy yet simple addition to a party dress or a pant suit. Simple three strand braids or even a simple twist are the best options for this style. Be sure to use an elastic at the top and bottom of the ponytail to keep it from falling or a tight french braid. 

6. Braid into Ponytail

If a full braid is not your style, try adding a braid to the side of your hair and pulling it into a ponytail. The braid can be big, small, french braid, or fishtail. Regardless of the style, this look is a bit more time consuming, but does best with messy or curly hair rather than straight. 

7. Side Ponytail

 For the bohemian look, a loose side ponytail can be a fun switch. Get playful and add a few small braids or a scarf to truly commit to the boho vibe. This does better with long hair and typically wavy styling. It is also helpful to pull out some pieces of your ponytail to create some depth. Try curling the pieces or creating loose waves to ensure the strand pieces don’t fall flat. 

8. Add Some Length

For the medium to short hair gals that want long hair but aren’t willing to wait for it to grow or buy extensions, this is your lifesaver. Grab the top half of your hair and pull it into a half up ponytail. Now grab the bottom half of your hair and pull it into a ponytail slightly below the first. Let them both fall and be sure to spread them apart to cover the bottom elastic. Voila! You have a long pony with not so long hair. 

9. High and Sleek

A favorite of mine, high and sleek ponies take a bit more attention to detail, but are more than worth it. Grab a strong holding gel and a brush and get to work pulling each stray hair back before pulling it into the ponytail. This look can be done on straight or curly hair, but straight hair might have more success keeping the flyaways down. 

10. Pull Through Ponytail

Pull through ponytails are a quick way to spice up a look. Personally, this took some practice to perfect, but when perfected, it can be an easy addition that takes no extra supplies to make. Low ponytails tend to do better with this method and can be as loose or tight as you want. 

11. Half Up 

Another classic look that can be executed many ways. Whether this is a low half up look paired with a scarf tied around, a half up braid, or a sleek half up look paired with lots of gel, half up looks are a fun way to keep hair out of your face while still showing off your hair length. This is also a great solution with those with shorter hair that won’t fully fit into a ponytail quite yet. 

12. Double Ponytail

Whether it’s two high ponytails, two half up ponytails, or two low ponytails, this is a fun look to throw back to your youth. While this is a younger look, it is gaining popularity in 2021 and sure to be a top style. I also like to throw an accent piece on each ponytail such as a fun hair pin or bows for the more adventurous. 

13. Bubble Ponytail

While this style of hair can be used loads of ways, my favorite way is as a fun take on the classic pony. Grab some elastics that match your hair color and add as many or little as you want throughout the ponytail. Be sure to pull out the bubbles to perfect the look. You can use this on a low or high pony. This is also a fun look for long or short hair, just be sure to make smaller bubbles for short hair to leave space for multiples. 

14. Volume on Volume

While all of these styles could use some volume, don’t be afraid to go big with your ponytail. The key is to tease, add dry shampoo, and keep the ponytail look to prevent droopy hair. No one wants that. Another fun addition to volumized ponytail looks is to wrap your hair around the hair tie. This creates an expensive touch that will have people asking for your hairstylist.

15. Scrunchies!!!

Scrunchies are taking over, and I am not mad about it. For a fun and youthful look, don’t be afraid to add a scrunchie to your ponytail. Not only does it liven up your look, but it leaves less damage on your hair and doubles as a fun accessory when you aren’t feeling and updo. Plus, who doesn’t want to pay tribute to the 80’s? 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’d had a crash course on the top ponytail looks, there is no excuse for not wowing your friends with your fresh hairstyles even on those bad hair days. Be sure to accommodate each style for your personal hair type and length, and give it a few tries if it doesn’t come naturally at first. Now whip that ponytail and get to styling!

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