Top 15 Bobby Pin Hairstyles Ranked for 2021

If you have long hair, I’m sure there is a bobby pin laying around somewhere in your house. Every one of us knows the struggle of flipping the house upside down to find a hair pin. Maybe for some of you, hairpin hairstyles are a thing of the past, and you have fully given up on them. 

Bobby pin hairstyles have had their ups and downs. However, whether the looks were good or bad, we have depended on bobby pins to hold our looks together. Bobby pins are making a come back in a new way in 2021, and we are here for it. To spark your interest in this type of look, I’ve found the top 15 trendy and fresh hair pin styles that are an eye catcher and practical.

1. Large vs Small

First things first, hair pins have evolved quite a bit over the years, so it is vital to check out the different types of bobby pins 2021 has to offer us. If you haven’t seen them already, a new trend is oversized hair pins. Worn incorrectly, that can come off as childish or gaudy, but that’s what I’m here for. Whether your hair is long or a pixie cut, a cute, oversized hair pin is the perfect touch on an outfit on your way out to Sunday Brunch. Make sure to keep it minimal. One oversized pin and some loose curls is all it takes. 

2. Large 2.0

Another fun way to use an oversized bobby pin is to find a pin with an accent on the ends, whether it be a flower, star, or a fresh abstract look. Stick the pin inside a messy bun at the front or a tight twist bun and you have a new take on the bun style that gets you through bad hair days. 

3. Shapeshifter

Bobby pins have been known to hold hair together or keep a style in place, but there are tons of ways to style bobby pins for looks alone. A personal favorite is using bobby pins as a shape in your hair. For example, take four bobby pins and instead of pulling back a small piece from your eyes with them all in one line, try making a square while still holding the hair back. Now the bobby pin is playing a role in the look while also functioning usefully. 

3. Triangles 

Another fun way to make a shape is to create a triangle. I have found this works best at the back of the head as a means to hold both sides back in a half up look. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you might need multiple bobby pins on each side of only 3 total. Regardless, this creates a fun dynamic without adding too much to distract from the look. 

4. Faux Hawk

For the more adventurous stylists, try using a load of hair pins to create a faux hawk look. This is perfect for a girls night with drinks or a concert even. Live out the 15 year old that wanted a mohawk but was definitely not allowed. Plus, this adds some edge to even the calmest looks. This can be used for only one side of the head or both, depending on your mood. Just be prepared to run through an entire pack of bobby pins. 

3. Colored pins

Another more adventurous style, venture out of the black bobby pins for a change and make the switch to colorful ones! Nothing adds some life to a look better than a bright pink bobby pin to match your favorite shoes, not to mention this is the perfect hair look for Pride festival. Rainbow hair pin hairstyles? Yes, please.

4. Criss Cross Applesauce

Another fresh take on a simple pulled back look is to cross the bobby pins, creating a fun X pattern. This is a simple look that can be done with only two pins or all the down the side of your head. Regardless, you can guarantee someone will notice your unique look and be impressed. 

5. Straight Line

For the braiders of the bunch, adding bobby pins to your favorite braid look can be a fun addition to spice things up. This works best when using a color that does not match your hair. For example, brunettes should go with colored pins or brass while blondes can get away with the black bobby pins. Simply stick the pins straight down over the entire braid. 

6. I’m Seeing Stars

For the more patient, creating a star design might take some practice, but the results sure are worth it. This is a youthful look that can  work for any age. You’ll need five bobby pins, or as many as you want. Hair full of stars or Sky full of Stars? I forget. 

7. Volume Pins

A hidden pin look. Grab a few bobby pins, pull your hair in a ponytail, and stick the pins underneath. This is the perfect way to add some volume and create that Ariana Grande pony we all strive for, but don’t have the hair or extensions to make it happen. 

8. Bun Look 

Stick to what works. Personally, it is impossible to create a messy bun without my bobby pins, so don’t mess up a good thing! Messy buns are always going to be in. They can’t take them away from us. You can also try double messy buns on each side of your head either up top of down low to pair with a hat. Pro Tip: teasing your hair beforehand is my favorite way to create the perfect messy look.

9. Twist braid

For the braiding impaired, twist braid is a muted version that has the same effect. Grab a small amount of hair and twist. Add some more to each twist and stop whenever you want! When mastered, this is a minute hairstyle that only needs one or two hairpins to execute. 

10. Updo

While this might bring flashbacks to your high school prom, updo’s are still a cute addition when done correctly. Check out some videos of quick and easy updos that are classy and age appropriate (no prom hair) and see what you think!

11. Sleek and Straight

A practical use for bobby pins that takes little to no time is pulling back the front pieces of your hair behind your ears for a slick straight look. Just make sure to grab some gel as well to catch flyways, and you are ready for the runway. Or a pick me up for Tuesday night dinner, either works. 


Who needs a headband when you can make one with bobby pins? Start above your ear and make your way all the way around the front of your head to the other ear. This can be done with standard hair pins, colorful pins, or embellished pins depending on your mood. Not only does this keep the hair out of your eyes, but it is a vibrant look sure to turn some heads. 

Final Thoughts

Wow, that was a lot of bobby pins. Hopefully this sparked your imagination or ignited your love for hair pin styles all over again. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and try something new and fun! Hair is the ultimate canvas, and pin hairstyles are just the tip of the iceberg. 

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