How to Use Hair Rollers Like a Pro!

Hair rollers have hit their highs and lows over the years, but in 2021, they are returning stronger than ever. Luckily, the looks with hair rollers have evolved just a bit since their peak in the 80’s. For the younger generation however, hair rollers are an entirely new way of hair styling. 

Whether you have never touched a hair roller in your life or are ready to move into the modern way of styling hair with rollers, I have the top trends and tricks that will guarantee you will be a roller pro in no time. 

Ways to Use Rollers

Rollers come in many shapes and sizes, so it is important to know what style you are wanting to accomplish, so you can buy the proper type of rollers. Depending on the size of roller, they can be used for kinky curl looks or to add some volume to a blow out. Here is the quick guide of the most popular sizes: 

  1. Small rollers: Small rollers are great for those who love big and curly hair. Think full on 80’s mode. This type of roller will take more time, as you will need quite a few of them to cover your head. However, when the process is finished, they are voluminous and bouncy curls that can be a fun look for multiple occasions. 

  2. Medium rollers: Medium rollers are a great look for subtle curls. This look was very popular in the 70’s. While it was a very different way of styling in the 70’s versus today, this is a safe bet for someone using curls for the first time. It is a solid middle ground in terms of curl impact. Most modern curl looks implement this size of curl into the routine. 

  3. Big rollers: Big rollers work well for volume. They are often paired with blowouts, and they need lots of heat and cool time. They require a long time to cool down because they have a slower impact from their large size. If you have curtain bangs, or are looking for the bouncy look that was quite popular in the 90’s, big rollers are your best friends. 

While there are lots of specific sizes, this gives us a good starting point moving into learning how to use these sizes of rollers to create the ideal style!

Make it Modern

So how do we implement these types of rollers into modern day styles. Let’s get into it: 

Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs are all the rage right now. If you are familiar with modern trends at all, you are familiar with curtain bangs, even if you did not realize that was their name. However, the major issue many ladies have is styling curtain bangs properly. 

They rely on volume, which cannot be implemented with a straightener or curling iron. Toss the straightener out and welcome your two new best friends: the hair dryer and roller. Grab a large roller, a round brush, and your hair dryer. 

Make sure your bangs are mostly dry and begin curling them back with the curled brush, drying them at the same time. When they are fully dry, grab a large roller and wrap the hair around it. Let your hair fully cool down before letting the bangs down. This is a great time to do your makeup or pick out your outfit for the day while they cool down to lock in the shape. 

Tribute to the Past

Who said the classic roller looks were out? Give your look a change every once in a while and try out the classic 80’s style. Whether your hair is long or short, this look is a guaranteed volumizer. Be sure to include each piece of hair.

Decide if you want to use overnight curlers on damp hair or hot curlers that can be used on dry hair. Hot curlers will set on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes while overnight curls need at least 6-7 hours to set in. 

Curl without the roller

You can pull off the roller look without an actual roller. Simply curl your hair, wrap it up into a pin curl, and secure it with a bobby pin. This is a great option for those that have curls fall often or want to see if the roller look is good for them without investing in a set. 

Skip the Curling Iron

Like we have touched on a bit, you can create a bouncy, curled look with medium sized roller. This is a great look for ladies with medium to long hair and layers to fully accentuate their curls. Blow dry your hair using your round brush, and wrap each section in a medium curl. 

You can mix and match medium to large rollers if you are wanting more volume than curl or only on your bangs. Allow the curls time to set. About 20 minutes will work, but the longer the better!

In Conclusion

Whatever look you decide, take some time to play around with roller’s potential. Knowing how to use rollers is a useful tool no matter what hairstyle. Whether you are curling your hair with rollers, or adding some bounce, be sure to LET THEM COOL! Now get to experimenting!

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