How To Prevent Sleep Wrinkles in 4 Easy Steps

Sleep is a beautiful and necessary part of our day. If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to slide into bed after a long day. Did you know, however, that the way you’re sleeping could be causing wrinkles? Have you ever woken up from a really good sleep and felt like one side of your face felt heavier than the other? That probably means sleep wrinkles are working their magic. 

Sleep wrinkles are sneaky but have lasting repercussions. They can actually cause your face to be asymmetrical over time when you sleep on one side for long enough. Don’t get yourself worked up quite yet, however. Your precious sleep isn’t ruined forever. There are ways to prevent sleep lines. That is what I’m going to dive into today, so you can sleep carefree and wrinkle free. 


There are a few different methods to try when looking for ways to prevent skin imprints after sleeping. Like anything, it really comes down to preference in which option works for you. 

1. Sleep on your Back

For some of you, sleeping on your back might already be your preferred form of sleeping, so you’re in luck. For the normal bunch of us, however, this is not what comes naturally. It will take some practice to train your body to stay on your back while sleeping. Don’t give up after the first night. 

Sleeping on your back prevents your cheeks from being pressed against the pillow and is the most efficient way of preventing sleep lines. It also is much more beneficial for your back and spine, so if you have back problems, you should be giving this a go anyway. If you can manage it, try this option first and foremost. 

2. Special Pillow

There are a few different ways you can switch out your pillow to benefit your skin. The first option is to switch to a silk pillowcase. This will help your face slide around on the pillow rather than grabbing at your skin while you toss and turn. It also helps prevent acne as the pillowcase won’t absorb bacteria like a standard option. 

The second option with a special pillow is switching to a firm pillow. This is for sleeping on your side, but try positioning your head so that only the top half is on the pillow. This prevents your whole head from flattening and getting wrinkles. It may be a bit difficult to maintain this position in your sleep if you move around a lot. 

3. Sleep Mask

Another option that is very similar to the silk pillowcase is a silk sleeping mask. This can help while moving around and blocks out the dreaded sunshine at the crack of dawn. However, beware of this if you tend to oversleep. Dark rooms do help you sleep, but if you aren’t careful, you’ll miss the entire day thinking it’s still nighttime. Again, stick to silk, as it is the key to smooth tossing and turning without grabbing your skin in the process. You can also opt for silk sheets and pajamas and go all out on the ease of tossing and turning. 

4. Skin Care

Lastly, skincare should always be paired with whatever option you choose. This is a very broad term. There are loads of types of skincare that can combat your sleep lines. First, try micro-needling at home. This helps produce collagen which is the nemesis of wrinkles. Be gently on the skin, but cover your entire face with the dermaroller. 

The second option is  chemical peels. This will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as loads of other benefits. You can choose a milder version to try at home or head to your local esthetician to get a professional-grade option.

For everyday upkeep, always invest in a good overnight serum to stand against the pancake maker that is your sleeping position. This will repair your skin as you sleep to lower the effects of sleeping wrinkles. When you do wake up, always grab your SPF to ensure that you protect your skin from sun damage and add more wrinkles to the mix. 


Sleep is meant to rejuvenate our body, not damage it. Keep this in mind when you’re frustrated at 2 am and want to turn onto your side out of normalcy. Give these tips a try, so you can get back to sleeping without any worry. I promise your future self will thank you when you don’t have your favorite sleeping side full of wrinkles and the other side clear. 

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