How to Get Rid of Dry, Flaky Scalp: Causes and Treatments

I don’t know about you, but a dry scalp is on the top of my list as one of the least enjoyable feelings in the world. However, every year, it is almost inevitable that I battle with it at some point. Not this year. I have made it my mission to learn about how to get rid of dry scalp, so I never have to go through it again! 

Dry Scalp Causes

Before we deal with dry scalp treatment, I researched the causes of dry scalp so we can combat it before it comes moving forward. Dry scalp is the result of a few different things. Some are out of control, but most of them are! 

  1. First on the list is hair products. Hair products containing alcohol are known to dry out your scalp. This is the most common ingredient, but there are others. Also keep a look out for sulfate, menthol, and eucalyptus. Any hair product with these ingredients can be the culprit to your flakey scalp.
  2. Next, is the most familiar cause of dry scalp which is dandruff. Unlike popular belief, dandruff is an incurable condition that some people have. It is not the equivalent of just having a dry scalp once in a while. It is actually the opposite. Your scalp over produces oils, preventing dry skin cells from shedding as normal. This causes buildup also known as the flakey scalp we all know and loathe. There are ways to help combat dandruff which we will dive into later. 

  3. Another cause of dry scalp is Psoriasis. This is typically a different type of flake than typical dry scalp flakiness. It also causes redness in the scalp. Psoriasis affects other parts of the body as well, however, so most of the time it is easier to tell if this is the issue. 

  4. Eczema can also be the cause of flakey scalps, as flare ups can be quite pesky on our head. Similar to psoriasis, this is a skin condition that can affect the entire body. It presents itself as a rash that is itchy and red. Eczema is the result of an ineffective barrier that cannot retain the moisture it takes in, drying out the skin in the process. 

  5. Lastly, another common reasoning for dry scalp is allergies. Spring and summer time flare ups are normally an easy sign that allergies could be the issue. Our bodies are not a fan of the large amounts of pollen in the air and result in not so fun flakey scalps. 

Flakey Scalp Remedy

So now that we know what to look out for, we can find our perfect flakey scalp remedy. There are some things that will help your hair overall with dry scalp as well as specific remedies for each individual culprit. 

  1. Overall, drinking more water can definitely play a key role in helping hydrate your scalp. This is a lifestyle change, so it’s not a quick fix for immediate relief. As we all probably know, however, drinking more water is always helpful to our entire body including the scalp.

    On the same note, your diet can have a huge impact on your health in terms of hydration. High carb and sugar diets are bad for your scalp health. Try cutting back on these two and see if you see results. Not only is this better for your scalp health, but your overall health will improve by lowering your intake of these two food groups. 

  2. Specifically for those struggling with dandruff, it is definitely helpful to switch your shampoo over to a dandruff shampoo. These are specifically formulated to combat the overproduction of oils and remove the dead skin cells that are built up so they don’t flake all over our black shirt.

  3. The next most helpful tool is to incorporate a hydrating mask into your hair care. This will bring back nourishment to your scalp where it has been stripped away for those who are just having a dry spell or have been neglecting their scalp.

    There are loads of types of masks. Coconut oil, avocados, jojoba oil, yogurt and egg, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and a few more are just a few of the most helpful. These can be homemade masks or store bought, however make sure that you give our website a run through to find the best homemade masks before going in blind! 

  4. For those that struggle with psoriasis and eczema, it is best to speak with your dermatologist to get a prescription to help. This will deal with the root of the problem rather than playing catch up, and be the quickest results for this type of dry scalp dilemma.

  5. Last but not least, pay attention to your hair washing routine. Are you under washing your hair? Or maybe overwashing? Both can be damaging to your scalp health and an easy fix to combat dry scalp. 
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