How to Get Lash Glue Off in 3 Easy Steps

Ever gotten your nails done professionally at the salon, only to struggle when trying to remove them a few weeks later? The glues used to apply acrylic nails are incredibly strong, serving their purpose well. 

Eyelash glue, on the other hand, is much less powerful – especially because it comes into contact with your eyelids. However, it can still be a hassle to take off once your falsies have done their job for your look.

Below, I’m going to share with you some easy steps to make sure you remove your eyelash glue easily and in a way that protects your natural eyelashes. The last thing you want is pulling or plucking your lashes in the process! 

Ready to learn more about falsies and how to get lash glue off? Read on, beautiful!

Different Types Means Different Removals

Prior to choosing the right eyelash adhesive remover, you need to know what material you’re working with. Are you wearing strip lashes or did you opt for eyelash extensions this time? Both require different items to remove properly, so make sure to note that first.

Removing Lash Extension Glue: 5 Ways

If your main go-to for lashes is extensions and you want to avoid going to the salon to remove them, there are a few ways you can do so. These are five basic removers that will help you remove eyelash glue:

1. Cream

When you go for a cream remover, you’ll notice it looks a lot like lotion and has the same type of texture and consistency. If you’re not a fan of the burning sensation associated with solvent removers, this is a good choice.

2. Solvent

Think nail polish remover, but for your lash glue. This type of liquid remover can be applied the same way you do with your nails (using cotton). However, some solvents are harsh, can contain chemicals that are harmful, and can irritate eyes and skin, so more often than not, it’s safest for professional lash technicians to apply this type of remover.

3. Gel

Similarly to cream removers, gels are thicker than solvents. Additionally, because a majority of gels don’t contain oil, they’re usually able to be used on strip lashes as well. 

4. Oil-Based 

Oil-based removers work well and there are many different types of oils used to make them, such as mineral and grapeseed oils.

5. Pure Oil

Of all the ways you can remove your lash extension glue, the most natural method is going to probably be in your very kitchen pantry! Grab olive oil or coconut oil and use them to remove lash extension glue for the most gentle and budget-friendly approach. 

And of course, remember to keep in mind that if you have any allergies or sensitivities, you’ll need to read through the ingredients in whatever remover you end up choosing for your lash extensions to ensure your safety.

Removing (Strip) Lashes

If you’re not into the money and maintenance it takes to have lash extensions and you prefer strip ones, then there are different aspects you should pay attention to when choosing how you’ll remove them. 

To remove your strip falsies, you’ll want to first submerge a microfiber towel in warm water and then apply it to your face, gently pressing it over your eyes. Depending on the amount of glue you used to put on your lashes, they should lift with minimal tugging.

If the warm water isn’t enough to loosen the lashes, you will have to step up to a remover. Be sure to avoid anything that contains oil, as the oil will prevent the lashes from holding next time you try to use them. However, if the lashes are at the end of their use and you’re ready to throw them away, oils and oil-based removers will work just fine.


Whether we’re looking to dramatize a nighttime look with bold lashes or uplift the casual work look during the day, there’s nothing like a good pair of falsies for the job. These little pieces of lush on our eyelids do a good job of tying together any makeup look and when they’ve done their duty, it’s up to you to remove them properly. 

Taking off lashes, be they extensions or strip ones, can be a process. But if you use the tips mentioned above, you should be able to take care of your natural lashes while removing your false ones. For an additional self-care step to maintain your natural lashes, consider trying out an Eyelash Serum to keep them healthy and strong.

We hope this post has helped educate you on how to remove lash glue – bookmark this site and stay tuned for more beauty tips!

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