How to Get Dewy Skin, Regardless of Your Skin Type

Dewy skin has been a much more popular trend in later years. For a while, a matte finish looks took over, but personally, I am always though dewy glows are timeless and a great option for all skin types. However, appreciating a dewy skin look and achieving one are two very different things. 

I am going to go over a few key components of dewy makeup: what is dewy skin and how to get dewy skin. These two categories encompass just about everything you could possibly need to know about dewy skin and making it accessible to all skin types. Let’s get started. 

What is Dewy Skin

If you are asking this question, you must be very confused, so let me clear it up a bit. Dewy skin is the effortless glow that you see on loads of makeup gurus and celebrities. Imagine a fresh face that just emerged from the shower and has the glow that almost appears wet, but not oily. 

Imagine the perfect amount of moisture without teetering over the edge of too much, and this is the overall goal when it comes to dewy skin. This can be achieved while wearing makeup or without. The overall goal is to have a brightened and healthy luminance to your skin. 

How to Get Dewy Skin

Now that we know what dewy skin is to begin, we can learn the best ways to achieve it. Dewy skin that is made to last is much more than just slapping on a spray at the end of your morning routine and calling it  a day. It involved a mixture of skincare as well as makeup products if you do intend to wear makeup. 

Here is a great step by step tutorial on to get dewy skin for all skin types:

1. Exfoliate

Before we can add any products onto our face, we need to ensure that our face is clear of dead skin and clogged pores to retain the product. Otherwise, our expensive and crucial skincare products simply sit on top of the skin and don’t help at all. This can be done by exfoliating . There are loads of ways to exfoliate. Good and bad. 

I like to incorporate a chemical exfoliator into my nighttime skin routine as well as microblading my face once a month. This can be done by an esthetician or at home with a microblade razer. This helps remove the top layer of dead skin as well as peach fuzz to create a smooth canvas for your moisturizer and other products to soak into. 

2. Moisture

The true key to a proper dew is maintaining moisture. You will need a moisturizer that works best with your skin. If your skin is more oily, look for a water based option. If it is more dry, you can look for an oil based moisturizer. The key is to practice and learn what works best for your skin rather than sticking to a uniform moisturizer. 

Pro tip: add the moisturizer right after washing your face to lock in all the moisture your face received from the shower. Applying on dry skin will have much less results. 

3. Serums

There are so many serums out there, this can be a confusing step. Rule of thumb, the best serum to add no matter your skin type is a Vitamin C serum, this will help revive your skin and give in the glow that radiates from below the surface. 

4. Face Masks

Once again, just like everything in this tutorial, face masks do not stand alone as the answer to your problems, but when paired with the rest of this routine, they can be a great bonus about once a week. There are so many options. Some will work better than others, especially if you find masks made for your skin needs. Overall, however, the main goal is to use face masks as another means to help lock in moisture. 

5. Cream Makeup

Cream makeup is also a newer trend, but it has been around for quite some time. This works better for a dewy makeup look as it doesn’t soak up all the oils and moisture like a powder option would. It’s also easy to blend which can help create a seamless look that looks more natural, which is typically the goal when you are attempting a dewy makeup look. 

6. Face Mist

I didn’t say not to include a spray at all! Facial mists are a great final touch to your dewy skin routine. While they won’t give lasting results on their own, they do offer an extra boost after you are finished applying your makeup. 

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