How to Combat Stiff Hair

If you conducted a poll and asked girls what their one wish would be when it comes to their hair, most of us would say that we just want it to be silky smooth and manageable without hassle. It’s the one thing we all want from our hair and the one thing that’s not so easy to get sometimes. 

It’s common for people to have dry or stiff hair and not really understand why or know what to do to fix it. There are many lifestyle and environmental factors that could be the cause and plenty of solutions for them. 

Today, we’re going to explore how to make hair less stiff so if you’re interested, read on, love!

Why Your Hair Might be Stiff

There are a few different reasons why your strands might be stiff. It may be due to the regular use of blow-dryers. This alone can dry out hair. Other tools that use heat for styling strands are not so great either. Additionally, there are chemicals within dyes, relaxers and other products that can be the cause behind stiff, dry hair.

During the summer, should you not be careful, your strands can become dry from too much exposure to the sun. Cuticles can be damaged by the intense UV rays and therefore dry out hair, making your strands feel stiff and brittle. Another summer habit that can cause dryness is failing to wash chlorine out of your strands.

How to Manage Stiffness

Now that you’re aware of the causes of stiffness in your tresses, you are ready to take the proper steps needed to keep your strands protected. Below, you’ll find 6 helpful tips to keep your hair looking and feeling pliable and silky:

1. Use a Nourishing Hair Care Duo

There’s an easy way to improve stiff hair and it’s called: hydrating shampoo and conditioner. When you incorporate these into your hair routine and ensure they are sulfate-free, you’re equipped with the simplest solution to replenish your dry strands and achieve shiny, soft strands.

2. Leave-in Conditioner

If stiff hair is something you frequently struggle with, you’ll definitely want to opt for products that keep your strands protected and moisturized, such as leave-in conditioners. 

3. Air Dry your Strands

Whether you like it or not, tools that dry with heat can wreak havoc on your strands, ultimately leading to stiffness. It’s highly recommended to give your heat-styling tools a break frequently and give your strands the chance to air dry as often as you can. If you’d like to add a little flair to your routine, tousle your strands with a hairspray, mousse or styling cream. This way, you can style your locks in a healthy, heat-free way.

Bonus Tip: If you absolutely need to use a heat-styling tool for certain occasions, you may still do so. To ensure your locks remain as healthy as possible, just make sure to use a heat protector and keep your tools on their lowest heat settings, taking care to pass over sections only once or twice.

4. Protect Yourself from UV Rays

The same way excessive sun exposure is harmful to our skin, our hair suffers from the rays as well. When you’re outside during hot, summer days, protect your tresses with the use of an umbrella or hat.

5. Limit Dyeing Sessions

As fun as it is to switch up looks and dabble in new color trends, dyeing your locks too often can negatively impact your strands. For ideal hair health, you’ll want to make sure you wait an appropriate amount of time between coloring sessions. Even think about a low-maintenance option like a balayage rather than dyeing all of your hair or opt for bleach-free alternatives for lightening hair.

6. Limit Hair Styling Products

Although it can be easy to go overboard with hair products for styling, we encourage you to scale it back a bit. When you coat your hair with too many products, you can alter the moisture of your hair and make your strands feel hard and inflexible. Using products that multi-task by supporting you in more than one thing, you’ll be able to limit the number of products you use. Also, stick to applying small dollops!

Final Takeaway

If you’ve found yourself asking “why is my hair so stiff?” and that brought you to this post, we hope we’ve given you the information you’re looking for in order to achieve healthier, silky strands that make you feel good. Happy styling, beautiful!

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