How to Apply Perfume

Perfumes come in all shapes and sizes. And scents. While there is no issue with access to good perfumes, even the best perfume with poor application won’t have the best results. That is why I come in. For today, I am declaring myself your personal perfume guru. 

I am going to spill all the deets on how to get the best results for perfume that will last all day. The key to this is application. The do’s and don’ts of spraying perfume are short and simple, so all you need is your perfume guru (me, remember) to give you a quick list. 


So before we get any further, here is a quick step by step guide on where to put perfume:

1. Find a high quality perfume

While this might not be the first priority on your list of needs, a higher quality perfume will last longer and have better results with less product. It may be a financial investment, but when it is all said and done, the amount of time your higher end perfume lasts will make up for the hefty price tag. 

Also, there are so many great perfumes on the market now that are decently affordable, so you don’t have to fully break the bank. 

2. Spray Only

This is a major key in application. Spray your perfume and leave it. Anything else can mess up the results. You can spray directly onto the skin or onto your clothes. Skin application will have better results, but it can get covered up especially in the colder months when you opt for large jackets all day. 

3. Focus on Pulse Points

This may have been something you have heard about but never mastered, and that’s okay! To keep it simple, here are the major points that you need to apply perfume to. You can spray or dab onto these areas. Inside the elbows, the back of the knees, the neck on each side, and your chest are the main areas to focus on. 

I don’t know about you, but for most of my life, I never thought once about worrying if perfume is on the back of my knees, but it works. Trust me. You can also trust the hundreds of researchers that discovered this way before I did. 

4. Create a Scent Cloud

This fun, almost childish routine is actually quite effective. However, if you are going to try this method, you will need to keep an eye out for biodegradable perfumes. Walking through a cloud of toxic perfume is not how you want to start your day, no matter how many times you might have done this in middle school with your bath and body vanilla scented spray. 


Now that we know what is best to do, here are some common trends for applying perfume that you should steer away from: 

1. Not in Hair

While it can be an easy fix and have decent results at times, especially if you missed wash day, spraying perfume in your hair is a major no go. The chemicals in your perfume can dry out your locks as well as cause breakage if applied enough. Stick to your skin and clothes only. 

2. Rubbing is a No No

Like I highlighted slightly above, although we may feel the urge or have seen so many do it before, rubbing in your perfume is actually not good. It can result in overproduction of your natural smell or a chemical reaction of the perfume from the heat of rubbing your skin together.

If you are going to do the classic wrist application, skip the rubbing and try dabbing it onto your skin instead. You can also try a roller which will help mimic the feeling of rubbing. Plus, they are typically compact and easy to carry around with you for an event. 

3. Environmental Changes

Surprisingly, perfume can have major reactions to dramatic environmental changes. This means going from one extreme temperature to another can cause a major shift in smell or even the effectiveness of your perfume. Try keeping your perfume stores in a safe space in your home to ensure this doesn’t happen to your favorite bottle.


Now that we all know how to apply perfume the proper way without using an entire bottle in one day, it is time to put our knowledge to the test, pick out a killer outfit, and spend an entire night on the town to see if my tips and tricks are as helpful as you thought. I can’t wait for you to be amazed at the difference.

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