How does skin grow?

Skin grows by producing new cells and pushing older cells outward, where they eventually die and shed off. This is a process called desquamation.
It is constantly occurring on our bodies, and it allows us to stay healthy.

Desquamation happens all over the body, but it is particularly noticeable on the skin because of its large surface area. It helps keep our skin looking and feeling smooth by removing dead cells that would otherwise accumulate. This process also serves an important function in keeping our outermost layer of skin protected from damage caused by outside elements such as bacteria, pollutants, and viruses. When these particles come into contact with our skin they can cause irritation or infection if not removed quickly enough through desquamation.

In order for desquamation to work efficiently and effectively, a number of factors must be in balance including oil production levels and moisture content within the epidermis (outer layer). If there is too much oil present this can create a barrier which locks in dead cells rather than allowing them to shed off naturally. Skin care products like cleansers are designed specifically so that they don’t strip away too much natural oil while still providing enough cleansing power to remove dirt and other impurities from pores before they become trapped beneath layers of accumulated dead cells.

On the flip side, if there isn’t enough oil being produced then your skin won’t be able to retain adequate moisture levels either which can lead to dryness or cracking due to lack of elasticity within the dermal layer below your epidermis (inner layer). Applying moisturizers regularly will help maintain hydration which keeps your skin soft and supple while aiding desquamation at the same time – ensuring you have a healthy protective barrier against environmental stressors without having excess build-up on top!

• Desquamation is the process of shedding dead skin cells from our body.
• It helps keep our skin looking and feeling smooth, as well as protecting it from outside elements like bacteria and pollutants.
• Balance between oil production levels and moisture content in the epidermis is necessary for desquamation to work efficiently and effectively.

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