DIY Hair Chalking: A How-To Guide

Washable, easy-to-use, inexpensive. We’ve just described DIY hair chalking.

If you’re on the fence about dying your mane, consider using hair chalk. This is a great alternative to permanent dye. It’s also a temporary solution that offers a safe, damage-free way to experiment with different colors. 

Here, we’ll answer all your questions, from how to apply hair chalk, how long it lasts, and more!

How to Apply Hair Chalk

Applying chalk to hair is simple. Just follow these 6 steps:

1. Gather Materials 

For DIY hair chalking, you will need hair chalk, a hot styling tool, and hair spray. 

Some chalk is made with very toxic ingredients like lead and cadmium. This is why the pastel artists that make it have to wear ventilators while they work. Be sure to buy a non-toxic option and ask questions if you’re unsure of the chemicals contained.  

For the hot styling tool, go with a quality straightener or curling iron. And then, finally, grab a bottle of your favorite hair spray. 

2. Wash Your Hair

In order for chalk to stick to your hair, it needs to be clean. Shampoo your locks and don’t apply any other product. Once dry, detangle and spray the ends with some dry shampoo or texture spray. This will get the chalk to hold better. Finally, be sure to wear a shirt you don’t mind getting dirty since the process of applying this dye can be messy. 

3. Wet Your Hair 

For best results, you want to start with dry locks. Then, wet the areas you plan to chalk. This will intensify the pigment. If you have blonde strands, skip this step as it won’t be necessary. The product will stick to your locks easily.

4. Apply the Chalk 

Decide on the areas you want to dye. Some people like to add pops of color on the inside of hair versus directly on the top layer. By chalking the bottom section, the strands of color will peek out as you move.

Every chalk kit will be a bit different in terms of application. For the most part, you want to apply chalk to a strand, twist it, and massage throughout. 

5. Seal the Color

Style your freshly chalked locks with a curling iron or straightener. We don’t suggest using your favorite tools since there will be some leftover color. If you only have that one hot styling product, no worries. You can wash the color away with some water.

6. Apply Hairspray 

Shake out your mane to release any loose dust. Don’t brush or comb, as this will lessen the brightness of your results. Then, spray on some hairspray, and you’re ready for the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Hair Chalk Last? 

This dye only lasts 1-2 days. It’s a fun way to experiment with different colors. Some people use it when getting ready for a night out with friends or a photoshoot. The possibilities are endless and besides the messy nature of this process, DIY hair chalking is quite enjoyable!

Does It Work on Dark Hair? 

Yes, it does! While you won’t be able to achieve super vibrant colors, you can still get amazing results if you have dark strands. We recommend using dry shampoo on the ends of your locks before applying the chalk. You can also use white chalk first and then add the color. 

The Removal Process

This dye only lasts a couple of days and will naturally fade. If you have blonde strands, consider using some clarifying shampoo to get all of the colors out. Because chalk sucks the moisture out of hair, you want to deep condition your strands after every application. 

Last-Minute Tips 

Be aware of the place you’re using. We suggest working on a tiled floor as this will provide an easy clean-up afterward. If you have carpet, place some towels on the floor; otherwise, you’ll struggle to clean up the carpet afterward. 

Also, put a towel over your pillow before bed. This will prevent your mane from staining your bedding. If your hair feels very stiff after applying the chalk, use some leave-in conditioner spray to soften it. 

And finally, take care of your hair! You can do so by deep conditioning your locks after using chalk. With this information in mind, you’re ready to switch up your look using hair chalk. 

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