Can I Regrow My Eyebrows? 5 Things You Need to Do

Thin eyebrows aren’t the worst thing in the world, but this year, thick and luscious eyebrows are trending! Whether you had an accident while getting your brows done, or you just now realized the late ‘90s early 2000s are over, you’re probably panicking about growing them back. The good news is, eyebrows do grow back. However, you must follow a few important steps to ensure they do.

Eyebrows grow like any other part of your body that has hair, but it may take a little more time due to how short and thick the hair is. Although penciling in eyebrows is a popular makeup trend, having a natural full brow is even more popular. If you want to regrow your eyebrows follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Be Patient

The most valuable thing of this process is having patience. It may seem like it’s taking years to grow out your brows, but they will eventually grow in. Each person’s eyebrows grow back at a different rate, so stay clear of comparing your process to other testimonials online.

Eyebrow hair does not grow back at a fast rate, and it is much harder to notice when it starts to grow back. If you start to get impatient, you will be tempted to grab your tweezers and pluck them dry again. If you just stay patient and trust that your brows will grow back with time, they will appear much faster than expected. You can also fill in your eyebrows with a brow pencil to help you relax until they are grown in.

2. Keep Your Tweezers Far Away!

Keeping your tweezers tucked away, maybe even somewhere you can’t find them, will help take away the urge to get them back out and tweeze! Some individuals have thin eyebrows because they get into a bad habit of seeing a stray hair and having to pluck it. That is how you end up eyebrow-less.

You need to actually let your eyebrows grow in, so this means no more plucking for a long time. You will often find that your brows look messy during the process because they are new hairs; you can use a wax pencil or mascara to hold the hairs into place.

Also avoid staring at your brows closely in the mirror – it will bring the temptation back to pluck the strays! In this case you need the strays.

3. Brow-Growth Serums

The most popular growth serum is eyelash serums. They have proven to be helpful, causing your glands to produce longer and fuller lashes. There are also serums for eyebrow growth as well. If you have gone three or more months of growing out your brows and don’t see any difference, then now would be a good time to look into purchasing a brow growth serum.

Once you choose a serum and have started to use it, give a solid two months before you decide whether it worked or not. It is important you use the growth serum on a strict routine schedule to see results.

4. Increase Your Omegas

Omegas in the body are extremely important because it supports body development and growth, as well as decreasing heart disease risk. Omega-3 is a fatty acid that can help with hair growth, especially if you are lacking in omegas.

Some easy ways to increase your omegas are eating more seafood, increasing your vegetable intake, or omega-3 supplements. You can find omega-3 supplements at your nearby pharmacy or grocery store. This helps stimulate your natural hair growth almost immediately.

5. Groom Your Brows

Regularly brushing your brows is a trick to help stimulate your hair growth. You can find eyebrow brushes at almost any department store that sells makeup. If you don’t want to buy a brush, then use a comb you already have at home. This may not have significant results, but it does help get the brows growing.

Seek a Professional

If it has been 6 months or more of growing your eyebrows out and you still don’t see any significant results, then it is time to seek a professional for help. Your dermatologist should be the first person you see regarding your eyebrow growth. They will either provide a stronger more expensive brow growth gel or maybe find out why your hair isn’t growing back and help find a solution for you.

If your eyebrows did successfully grow back out, you might want to seek professional to then shape your new luscious eyebrows, so you avoid thinning them out again.

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