The Benefits of Using Glycerin for Hair – And How to Use It

With all the hair and beauty products on the market, there are thousands of directions you can go to nourish your hair to look its best, but have you heard of glycerin for hair growth? Whether you are familiar or not, glycerin is gaining popularity more and more for its amazing results. I gave it a shot myself, and luckily, I learned all I needed to know to show you how to use glycerin for hair. 

What is Glycerin? 

First things first, what even is glycerin? Glycerin is actually quite popular in many beauty products already. It is a clear and odorless liquid. This is one of the main reasons that it is the perfect addition to so many beauty products as it doesn’t change the smell or color of the product. 

It is a sugar alcohol made up of either plants, animal products, or synthetically made. It absorbs moisture from the air to help keep whatever it is used for hydrated and lively, also known as a humectant. 

The Benefits

Now, why is glycerin worth using? Lots of reasons. Is glycerin good for hair?  Glycerin is definitely good for your hair care routine. Glycerin locks in moisture into your hair, meaning that if your hair is prone to drying out or breakage, this will lock in any moisture to help prevent that. This also helps reduce frizziness which is closely connected with dry hair. It also nourishes your scalp which can help with an itchy scalp or dandruff. 

Glycerin also has repairing qualities meaning it can help repair split ends as well as damage from heat and chemicals. This is one of the largest pros from glycerin as it allows for all hair types and range of hair damage to benefit from its nourishing qualities.

Another big perk that pulls lots of people to use glycerin is its hair growth abilities. If you are looking for long luscious locks this summer, try adding glycerin into your hair care routine whether that be your shampoo or another means like we list below. There are great results for those who consistently use glycerin for quick and healthy hair growth

What to Look Out For

There are some key things to look out for when you do start incorporating glycerin into your hair routine. Be sure to take into consideration that glycerin is prone to heat more than normal hair is, so steer away from high heat hair tools when using glycerin to avoid damaging your hair. NO one wants a curling iron moment like the poor girl in 2007. The wand catastrophe of each of our nightmares. 

Also, glycerin is a high moisture product, meaning it is highly condensed. So, make sure to mix the glycerin with another substance to the mixture such as water or the items I list below. If not, you are in for a greasy and sticky mess, and that is not what we are going for here. Moisture and glow only. 

How to Use Glycerin For Hair

There are a few ways to utilize glycerin in your hair care routine. I’ve included some home remedies including glycerin that benefit any and all hair types. 

  1. Glycerin and Honey: Honey is also a humectant, so for maximum moisture results, add both together for double the power. Add in a bit of coconut oil to help mix the two together. You will need ¼ cup honey, ¼ cup glycerin, and 2 tablespoons coconut oil. Let the mixture sit on your damp hair for 30 minutes and rinse out with warm water.

    All three of these ingredients are versatile in their healing properties and allow for the perfect trifecta of hair mask ingredients. 

  2. Glycerin and Rosemary: It is always good to have options. Certain masks suit other people’s hair needs better than others. So, another option to try is mixing glycerin, rosemary, and water. You will need ½ cup Rosemary, ½ cup distilled water, and 2 tablespoons glycerin. This mask also needs to be applied to damp hair for 30 minutes before rinsing out with warm water. 

  3. Glycerin and Aloe Vera: If you struggle with dandruff, mixing aloe vera in with glycerin can bring nourishment and relief to an itchy scalp. Glycerin is an anti-inflammatory, so when mixed with the aloe vera, it can hydrate and nourish in the best combination.

    Mix an even amount of the two and let the mixture sit on dry areas for at least 30 minutes before rinsing out. Make sure your hair is damp when applying the mixture. Walk away with a happy scalp and easy fix to your pesky issue. If you do struggle with dry scalp, be sure to check out our other articles about how to fix this issue! 

  4. Glycerin Hair Spray: Not looking for a mask? Try making glycerin hair spray. Mix ¼ glycerin, ¼ water, ¼ rosewater, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Use this mix like any other hairspray, focusing on problem areas for the best results. 

Other Tips and Tricks

Glycerin can be found at local drugstores or beauty stores, and make sure that you are buying 100% glycerin. There are loads of products with glycerin in it, or you can lean towards options above to make your own hair masks and sprays. 

Keep in mind, however, that glycerin is not the end all, be all of hair products. Just because a bottle lists glycerin in their list of ingredients does not mean it will be a good product for your hair. Do your research and if at all possible, stay away from products loaded down with chemicals. Natural ingredient hair masks and spray are the safest and easy to make, so why not give them a shot! 

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