The 6 Benefits of Using Charcoal for Hair

While there are so many hair treatment ideas out there, today I am going to bring yet another option for you. I am sure no matter what your hair type or hair dilemma, adding charcoal to your hair care routine will benefit you in some form or fashion. 

You are walking away today knowing if charcoal is good for your hair and the proper way to use it, so stick around and get ready for thriving locks!

1. Detox

One of the most redeeming qualities of using charcoal on your hair is the detoxifying abilities it has. We are talking a true flush of any impurities, build up, and factors that prevent your hair from thriving at its best self. Unlike many other detoxifiers, it’s gentle, so your hair won’t receive any more damage while you are trying to treat it. 

Every hair type can benefit from a proper detox, which is another added benefit. Whether you have kinky curls or soft and smooth locks, you can give charcoal a try and trust that it can benefit your hair and remove any dirt and oil that you want gone. 

2. Scalp Soothing

If your scalp seems to be irritated, charcoal can help soothe your head pain. I know from personal experience, scalp irritation is no joke. When I was feeling the worst of it, I would have tried anything to fix it. Luckily, we don’t have to try everything under the sun, just charcoal. 

3. Volume 

Who doesn’t like volume? Because it helps remove all of the unfortunate components that weigh our hair down, charcoal can give your hair that bouncy, voluminous makeover you have been searching for. Who needs loads of product and heat tools to create a voluminous look when you can achieve it effortlessly with charcoal. We all love effortless hair benefits no? 

4. Hair Growth

Using activated charcoal for hair growth is one of the biggest perks. So much so, it should probably be listed as the number one reason rather than four, but here we are. Because of all the other great qualities such as detoxifying and healing, it leaves your hair on a clean slate which is vital for the best hair growth. 

It is also a great clarifier for buildup of product and oil in your hair which can prevent growth. Think of charcoal as that deep clean your hair has been craving for quite some time but couldn’t seem to get from regular shampoo and conditioner. 

5. Healing

Lastly, charcoal has healing properties. Meaning if you have an itchy scalp or damaged hair, it helps wash away anything that could be causing this. Sometimes the best treatment for your hair is to just let it be, away from all the things we put our hair through on a daily basis. Charcoal gives our hair that chance to escape the negative environment and thrive without any unnecessary factors. 

6. Product

If you do add products onto your hair, if not you definitely should be and you can check out my other articles on the best products for your hair type right here, then you will love the noticeable difference after you begin including charcoal in your hair routine. 

Because it removes the unnecessary and unwanted components that our hair accumulates over time, it allows for absorption of the good stuff such as vitamins, nutrients, and styling products that allow us to create beautiful hairstyles with smooth, full hair.

How to Apply

What is the best way to apply charcoal to hair?  There are a few ways to incorporate charcoal in your hair products. There are purifying charcoal shampoos, charcoal scalp wash, and even dry shampoo. I have found that a scalp wash and shampoo works great when used together. You can use this for every time you wash your hair, or periodically. 

Personally, I would steer away from dry shampoo. It seems like a dangerous product to use when you are wanting to remove build up, but if this is your must-have product, a charcoal option would definitely be better than regular dry shampoo. 


This is just the beginning of the benefits of giving charcoal a try. There are loads of other ways to use charcoal for beauty needs such as teeth whitening, skin brightening, and more. Each has great results just like it does for your hair. If you don’t take away anything other than one thing it is that you should never sleep on charcoal and all of its abilities. Now go grab some and start applying it to your hair to see results!

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