Why is skin important?

Skin is important because it acts as a barrier to protect our bodies from harmful substances, regulates body temperature and helps us sense the world around us.
It is our largest organ, and it can be thought of as a kind of “coat” for the body.

Skin acts as a shield from potential harm; it helps to keep out germs, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that may cause infection or illness. It also serves to protect us against extreme temperatures like freezing cold or blistering heat. On top of this, skin forms a barrier against dangerous chemicals found in the environment such as pesticides or industrial pollutants that could potentially be harmful if they were allowed into our bodies. This protective layer is what keeps us safe and healthy on a daily basis!

Skin also plays an important role in regulating body temperature; when we are too hot, sweat glands secrete liquid diluting salt onto the surface of our skin which evaporates quickly taking with it stored energy (heat) from within the body –cooling us off again . Conversely when we are too cold then blood vessels will narrow reducing heat loss from our core whilst releasing hormones which trigger shivering -a process which produces more heat- warming up the body once more.

It’s not just about protection though! Skin has millions of tiny nerve endings called tactile receptors which help us detect changes in pressure and temperature allowing us to feel pain when necessary but also providing invaluable information about textures so that we can distinguish between different objects without having to see them first hand -it’s part of what makes touch so powerful! All these senses combine powerfully to form an intricate web connecting us with our surroundings helping inform decisions made based on how things feel rather than looks alone.

• Skin is the body’s largest organ.
• It acts as a shield from potential harm and regulates body temperature.
• Skin has millions of tiny nerve endings that help us distinguish between different objects through touch.

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