What Would I Look Like With Short Hair?

Giving yourself a giant chop is exhilarating. Whether it be a post breakup rebellion, start of a new life chapter, or just a refresh for your dry and damaged hair, short hair is a big change. For some of us that like to prepare a bit before anything drastic happens, we may ask “Can I pull off short hair?” This is a valid question that deserves a valid answer. 

This is years of growth we are talking about. If we don’t like it, we have a lot of time to wait until we can do anything to fix it. What if I told you there was a way to know how you would look with short hair before you cut it? I have a few great tricks to help you feel confident about your short haircut before you take the leap. 

Face Shape

First, you need to know your face shape. This has a huge impact on whether short hair will work for you. There are loads of face shapes and lucky for you, I made an entire article dedicated to find out which one is your right here. When you have narrowed down your face shape, you can compare it to my guide on the top face shapes for short hair as well as the worst. 

There are also so many short haircuts that it can be difficult to give a balck and white determination rather than certain short hair styles that work for certain shapes more than others. 

There are three face shapes that get the shining green line for short hair cuts. These are heart shape, oval, and square. Rounder faces tend to be accentuated with short hair, so these three do a better job of pulling off more short haircuts. The thinner the face, the more short haircuts you can pull off normally. However, there are options for each face shape that can work for your short hair fix. 

If you do have a rounder face, try a bob. This adds some volume to your short haircut, which can narrow your face on the sides rather than accentuating your fuller cheeks. You can also try a style that draws attention to it. This has the same effect. Try a bold color with a crazy pixie cut or a cute hairstyle such as short pigtails. 

For a heart face shape, pixies are your best friend. These almost always look great on you, no matter long or short. You also rock short hair that is cut right at or above the shoulders. Your chin is prominent, which helps keep your hair or lack of to seem symmetrical. 

Long oval faces work well with short haircuts paired with bangs. Try a chin length cut with straight across bangs. Straight across bangs look amazing when done correctly. However, this is rarely accomplished. Take advantage of your gift and try bangs out. 

Square faces are perfect for the in between of pixie cuts and chin level and past cuts. Those middle level cuts are unique and fun, but can look rough if done on the wrong person. Try the bowl cut with some flare. 

Math Trick

This is a crazy trick that seems to work quite well on deciding whether you would look good with short hair. Grab two pencils. Set one below your earlobe where it is touching. Set the other in the middle of your chin. Let the pencils meet perpendicular. Grab a measuring stick and determine the inches from the top of the pencil touching your earlobe to the second pencil. 

If the distance is less than 2.25 inches, it is highly likely short hair will suit you well. However, if it is over 2.25 inches, long locks may be the best path for you. There is a bit of differentiation, but overall, this is showing that longer chins typically work better for longer hair. The shorter the chin, the better your short haircut will look. It’s at least worth giving a try to see before making the chop. 

Do What You Want

Overall, no matter if each guide is screaming at you that short hair is not a great choice or is, the choice is up to you. It is your precious locks that will be chopped off. Make the decision that makes you happy. No guide is perfect and even with a perfect guide, you are the one living with the decision. Do what you want and don’t let me or anyone else tell you differently. Be brave. Be bold. Take the leap, and chop it off! 

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