What to Use Instead of Shaving Cream: 9 Shaving Cream Alternatives

We’ve all been there – we are halfway done shaving when suddenly our shaving cream runs out. In these situations, should we just tough it out and hope for the best? 

Definitely not! This is a sure-fire way to get nicks and cuts on our legs. Instead, consider a shaving cream alternative. These are not meant to be permanent replacements, but they will definitely save the day in the event you run out of shaving cream. The best part is I’d be willing to bet you already have most of these items somewhere in your home! 

What to use instead of shaving cream? Here are 9 alternatives to try: 

1. Conditioner 

This is the most popular substitute for shaving cream for two reasons: 

  1. The thick formula of conditioner allows razor blades to glide smoothly over the skin. Conditioner works as a protective layer and contains hydrating ingredients your skin will appreciate. 

  2. Everyone uses conditioners! Chances are, you have a bottle in your shower ready to use.

So, the next time you’re out of shaving cream, don’t be afraid to reach for your conditioner to get the job done right.

2. Body Oil

Body oil is lightweight and offers many benefits to the skin. It’s nourishing and works as a great moisturizer. Consider body oils made with natural ingredients such as fruits and flowers. Not only will they smell nice while shaving, but they will hydrate your skin in the process.

3. Body Lotion

Body lotion is thick, making it great to get the perfect shave without causing damage to your skin. It will also leave your skin feeling baby soft! Consider an in-shower body lotion or use your regular lotion bottle to moisturize right after showering. 

4. Coconut Oil

The benefits of coconut oil are never-ending. You use it in your hair, on your skin, and now you can use it as a shaving cream alternative. A small amount of coconut oil will go a long way, so use sparingly. 

5. Shea Butter

Shea butter is known for its hydrating ingredients. You may already have shea butter lotions or creams sitting in your bathroom. After all, they are recognized as some of the top skincare products around. In a pinch, shea butter can be used as a shaving cream as long as it’s in raw form. Check out your nearby grocery store for some raw shea butter.

6. Aloe Vera

Not only will you want to use aloe vera to soothe your sunburn, but also as a shaving cream alternative. Smooth some onto your skin before shaving. The thick jelly-like texture will apply nicely on your skin, giving your razor blade a thick surface to slide over. No nicks or cuts when using aloe vera!  

7. Body Wash

You’re probably asking yourself, “Well, if I can use conditioner, can I use body wash?” The answer is yes! This is another shower staple that will work wonders if you’re out of shaving cream. A bonus? You’ll be able to cleanse and shave your legs at the same time! 

8. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a kitchen staple, so chances are you have a bottle in your pantry. It contains all sorts of vitamins (A, D, E, and K). The antioxidant properties found in olive oil are also great for fighting off bacteria. This makes it great to use on the skin. 

9. Soap 

And finally, soap is an obvious choice when needing a substitute for shaving cream. This product is already in your bathroom, whether it comes as hand soap, a bar of soap, or liquid body wash. They are easy to apply to the skin and even easier to rinse off once you’re done shaving. 

This is the last item on my list because soap is more likely to dry out your skin than the other alternatives listed above. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’ve run out of shaving cream and don’t have another method of removing unwanted hair, please don’t continue to shave without this extra layer of moisture to your skin. Shaving cream is used to hydrate, lubricate, soothe, and protect. The next time you’re wondering what a good substitute for shaving cream is, consider the above! I’m sure you have at least one of these products sitting in your home. 

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