What not to do after hair wash?

Do not brush wet hair, avoid using styling products with alcohol, and do not tie wet hair into a tight style.
These are just a few of the tips to consider when it comes to preventing hair breakage. Hair breakage is an unfortunately common issue that many individuals face, and can lead to further damage if not addressed properly.

When it comes to wet hair, brushing or combing your locks should be avoided at all costs. Wet hair is much more fragile than dry hair and even gentle strokes from a brush can cause major stress on the follicles, leading to split ends and broken strands. Instead of using a brush or comb through damp strands, opt for detangling with your fingers – this gives you greater control over how much tension you’re applying as well as provides an opportunity for scalp massage which helps stimulate blood flow throughout the area promoting healthy growth!
The use of styling products with alcohol in them should also be avoided when trying to prevent hair breakage. Alcohol has drying properties which can strip away natural oils from your mane leaving it brittle and prone to snapping off easily- particularly at the ends where most of these products are applied directly onto. When selecting styling creams or sprays look out for ones free from harsh ingredients such as sulfates, parabens and silicones that could potentially coat each strand like an extra layer creating unwanted weight that weakens its integrity resulting in easy splitting along its length!
Finally, don’t tie wet strands into a tight hairstyle; whether it’s a ponytail or bun – avoid pulling too tightly on wet locks because they contain excess water molecules that expand once heat is applied causing strain on sensitive hairs leading them towards breaking point quicker than normal so try loosening up any ties before going outside into humid environments especially during hot summer months where humidity levels are highest!
To sum up: Brushing/combing wet hair leads to serious damage due to increased fragility while styling product with alcohol can strip natural oils away making them brittle; tying tight styles will put unnecessary pressure on already weakened strands so keep things loose until fully dried then you’ll have beautiful locks without worrying about potential cracking issues down the line!

• Wet hair is more fragile than dry and should be detangled with fingers instead of brushes or combs.
• Styling products containing alcohol can strip away natural oils, leaving the hair prone to breakage.
• Tying wet strands into tight hairstyles puts extra strain on them, leading to easy splitting and breakage.

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