What is the purpose of skin care products?

Skin care products are used to cleanse, nourish, protect and moisturize the skin. They help prevent premature aging and make skin look healthier and smoother.
The most common skin care products are cleansers, moisturizers, toners and exfoliators.

Cleansers remove dirt, oil and makeup from the face without stripping away natural oils or over-drying the skin. It is important to select a cleanser that will not strip your skin of its natural oils as this can lead to dryness and irritation. The best cleansers are those designed for your particular type of skin – whether it’s oily, dry or combination.

Moisturizers help keep the skin hydrated by locking in moisture and providing a protective barrier on top of the epidermis layer of the skin. They also help prevent water loss throughout the day by forming a thin film on top of your dermis which helps retain moisture levels within the cells below. Moisturizers often contain hyaluronic acid which has been proven to reduce inflammation associated with ageing and improve overall texture appearance.

Toners help restore pH balance after cleansing as well as helping calm down any redness or irritation caused by acne breakouts or sensitivity reactions from certain ingredients found in facial creams and masks that may have been used prior to toning application. Toners should be chosen based off of individual needs – for example if you have an oily complexion then look for one specifically made for controlling excess sebum production while if you suffer from sensitive skins opt for something more gentle such as rosewater spray instead.. Additionally they can help clear out clogged pores due to their astringent properties allowing them penetrate deeper into our pore walls so impurities like dead cells can be removed more effectively leaving us with cleaner healthier looking faces!

Exfoliators come in many varieties but all serve one purpose: gently scrubbing away dead surface layers revealing brighter fresher looking complexions underneath! Exfoliating removes buildup allowing other products applied afterwards (like serums) penetrate better into deeper layers resulting in greater efficacy when targeting specific skincare issues we might be having like dark spots large pores breakouts etc… Exfoliating should always be done at least once per week however depending upon how sensitive our individual’s skins are this could mean anywhere between every other day up until every couple weeks – trial error will determine what works best!

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