What Is Hair Gloss Treatment and When Should You Use It?

Hair care can look different for everyone. Whether you rock your natural curly locks, dye it regularly, or have straight hair that you get cut regularly to give it some dimension. For those that do dye your hair, you might have heard of hair gloss treatment. Hair gloss might not be a treatment at the front of your radar, but I promise that it is a game changer for dull and discolored hair. 

This is something that can be a great secret weapon to combat hair coloring issues. So enough suspense, let’s jump into hair gloss treatment and why it may be the perfect fit for you. 

What is Hair Glossing? 

First off, we need to explain what hair glossing is. This is a hair treatment that also goes by the name semi permanent color. This term might sound a bit more familiar. However, many people get confused because it is such a versatile option and accomplishes so many things. 

Hair Gloss comes in clear or tinted forms and acts as a color treatment that is much less intense than standard hair dying. Whichever option you use, however, it adds shine and brilliance to your hair. This is why so many people love it as standard hair dying tends to leave your hair looking dull and damaged. 

Who Needs Hair Glossing? 

There is so much versatility to glossing for hair, but the most common way to use it is as a reinforcement to permanent color for upkeep. Since permanent color changes the actual color of your hair, it doesn’t need a complete dye job each time the color begins to fade or brassiness starts to shine through. Hair glossing sits on top of the hair, allowing for less damage with great results still. 

It can also be used for those who opt for highlights under the same thought process. It can be applied on specific sections just like regular highlights and have lasting results. 

How To Apply 

If you do decide to try glossing for hair, the hair stylist will apply the gloss in a similar form as a typical hair dye. If your hair is grown out, they will apply a permanent color to the roots and a gloss to the entire head to ensure every piece comes out even. After this, it will be like any other dying job!


 There are loads of benefits of hair gloss treatment. Here are the largest benefits: 

1. Less Damage

Like I mentioned earlier, the semi permanent color has less long term effects on your hair, which can be the difference between hair damage and long, luscious locks. If you’re worried about changing your hair color because of the long term damage, hair gloss can be a great solution to prevent multiple intense dye jobs just to keep your ideal color. 

2. Maintenance

Surprisingly, hair gloss can have longer effects than permanent color since it acts as a stain on top of the hair. Because permanent color opens up the hair to change the actual color, it leaves more room for fading. This is why upkeep can be so difficult. Luckily, hair gloss does not, so you can rock your vibrant color for weeks without signs of fading in the near future. 

3. Sleek and Smooth

One of the biggest differences that you will notice immediately when you get a hair gloss treatment is the complexion and appearance of your hair, no matter the color. The shine and smoothness of your hair is one of the largest reasons people swear by hair gloss, even as a clear treatment without any coloring involved. Think of this as the extra umph your hair needs after loads of chemicals and products that have weighed it down and dried it out over time. 

4. Color Corrector

If you acquired a unique hair color, but don’t have the money or patience to worry about the color correcting it needs every few weeks, hair gloss can solve your issue. Whether it be a brass issue, lightening of a vibrant dark red, or any other plethora of unique hair colors, hair gloss can correct the color without completely changing the look. It also is a much more affordable option than a full hair dye each time, so if money was the issue, problem solved! 

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