What Is Banana Powder?

Welcome to another article explaining a beauty product you probably have never heard of! Today, we are talking about banana powder. As you can see from the title, many are asking “What is banana powder?” While it is used by many, it is definitely one of the less familiar makeup products by name. No, this is not a smoothie concoction or health product. This is actually a powder for your face. 

The banana setting powder is quite useful for different styles of makeup. Whether you prefer the natural look or an everyday glam, this is something that you should know about. Today, I am going to go over everything from what banana powder is, how to use banana powder, and why it’s a useful makeup product to have in your bag. 

By the end of this article, I guarantee you will be compelled to give this product a try and equipped to do it correctly to wow your friends and family. There is a lot to unpack, however, so let’s jump right in. 

What Makes Banana Powder Different?

Banana powder is a setting powder, but what makes it different from other setting powders? There are a few differentiating factors, but the biggest difference is the “banana” aspect, which really means its yellow undertones. Hence the banana name. The yellow qualities cancel out any redness in your skin which seems to be a dilemma for most people when it comes to their makeup routine. It creates the camera ready complexion that we are all seeking. 

Mixing this with the blurring properties of setting powder, banana powder is a game changer that is used by countless celebrities and makeup gurus. This powder is also long lasting, so if you have a long night out, your makeup can still look flawless after hours of dancing, talking, or whatever you have in store that night. 

Unlike translucent powder, banana powder is a lighter, pigmented complexion, so it is not used to set your entire face typically. Think of this as the highlighters and settings powder without actually being a highlighter. Use this under your eyes, under your contour, and any other areas you want brighter on your face. We’ll get into exactly how to use this in the next section. 

How to Use Banana Powder

While I have already highlighted how to use setting powder in my other articles, this powder takes those tips and a few more. Here is a short guide on how to use banana powder in 5 easy steps:

  1. Apply Foundation: Like with other setting powders, you can proceed with your foundation application as normal. This includes primer, foundation, and concealer. You will also need to contour your face which will be crucial for step 3. Be sure to check out my other article on setting powder application to learn how to prevent your skin from looking dry while applying setting powders. 
  2. Apply Powder Under Eyes: Now that we have our base to begin with, we can add the banana powder under the eyes. This will prevent creasing and keep our eyes looking brighter than the rest of our face, which is what will make our eyes pop in the best way possible. Grab your applicator and lay the loose powder in a thick layer under your eyes. Don’t tap excess or wipe it off your eyes. This part will come later. 
  3. Apply along Lower Cheeks: Now, we should have our contour applied to our cheekbones. Pro tip: add the contour slightly above your natural cheekbones to lift your face. Apply the banana powder directly below the contour. This will brighten the area and really define your contour to make your cheeks Angelina Jolie level of snatched. Once again don’t tap away excess or remove the extra powder on your face. 
  4. Apply on Chin: Lastly, I like to add banana powder to my chin. This is an oily area for me as well and always seems to look darker. You can even outline around your lips to help with darker shading from peach fuzz and muddy lipstick. Grab a beauty blender or sponge to get the most precise results. This area is all about preference, so assess your areas that need brightening and decide accordingly. 
  5. Dust of Excess: Now that we have let the banana powder sit on our face for at least 5 minutes, it is time to wipe away any excess powder. This will take some patience and light swiping. Don’t be alarmed when your skin is significantly lighter in these areas. That is the point! With a bit more brushing the excess, it should begin to blend into a more cohesive look. 

Give this makeup look a try and see if this is the solution to your redness, oiliness, and easily removed makeup dilemmas! Be sure to check out our countless other makeup tricks to find other areas you can mix and match this tool with! 

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