What Is A Silk Press? Everything You Need To Know

If you rock your natural hair, then you might have heard of a silk press before. If not, don’t worry, I am going to give you all the info you could possibly need on what a silk press is, how it can benefit your hair, and what the process would look like. 

There are so many options for natural hair that it can be hard to narrow down which is the best option for you. Knotless braids, bantu knots, and so much more. Whether you are looking for a change of pace in your typical look, or deciding to rock your natural locks for the first time, I’m sure that you will benefit from knowing about silk pressing hair as an option. 

What is A Silk Press

So let’s answer the most important question. What is a silk press? Silk pressing hair involves blow drying and straightening your natural hair to give a silky effect without using a relaxer. There are major pros and cons, but the overall effect is quite beautiful, no matter the length or type of natural locks you have. 

It can easily get confused with other similar styling options, but a silk press manages to give you smooth locks without sacrificing movement and effortlessness to your hair. This is one of the biggest reasons people choose it over other smoothing options. 


So let’s talk about the benefits of silk pressing hair. Here are the best perks of giving this style a try: 

1. Silky Smooth: 

As you might assume, the biggest reason for giving silk press a try is for the silky smooth texture that comes with it. For those with naturally curly or coarse strands, it can be a nice change of space to run your fingers through your hair in bliss. 

2. Movement: 

Like I mentioned, this style offers more movement of the hair, so you don’t have stick straight hair. Having flowing locks that can blow in the wind might be a big change from your natural locks or other straightening options, so take advantage of it. Let your hair down and take an afternoon drive with the windows down. 

3. Less Hair Damage:

One of the best things that is a gamechanger for this hairstyle is that there is minimal damage to your hair to execute it. Relaxers and other smoothing techniques focus on loads of heat applied to the hair. This is extremely damaging to your current and potential hair growth. Luckily, the silk press option keeps heat application to the absolute minimum. This is great for hair growth, upkeep, and mobility. 

4. Length of Use:

Another big question. How long does a silk press last? There are a lot of different answers depending on who you ask, but the standard is at least a week and possibly up to three weeks if you work hard to maintain it. Maintenance is key. This means wrapping your hair every night, staying away from water in the shower and swimming. It also should be a style you choose when your humidity is low, so stay away from rainy times of the year. 

When you follow these tips, this style gives you more time on those busy mornings to worry about getting ready for the day rather than working on your hairstyle. It also means that you can trust your time and potential money are being put to good use since it will last for a while. 

5. Hair Length

We’ve all seen the dramatic difference of women with their natural curls who straighten it to show so much more length. Are you curious about how long your hair could be? Try out a silk press and rock long locks for a few weeks to give yourself a change from your short natural look. 


Silk pressing hair is something to plan for. Lucky for you, you now know all the necessary information to plan correctly if and when you want to give this style a try. Be sure to find a good stylist to execute the look. This will take lots of time, money, and patience so it is vital to find someone who puts all of those to good use. Remember, your natural beauty is something to be celebrated, and now you can celebrate with a silk press!

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