What happens when we apply serum on hair?

Applying serum on hair helps to make it look shiny and smooth by coating the strands in an oil or silicone-based product. It can also help to provide protection from heat styling and reduce frizz.

Serum is applied to damp or dry hair, typically on the mid-lengths and ends, as it should not be used near the scalp. This helps to prevent buildup of product that can weigh down your hairstyle. To apply serum evenly throughout your hair, start by spraying a few pumps into the palm of your hand. Next, use both hands to distribute the product through all sections of your hair from roots to tips in an up-and-down motion. It’s important not to rub it too harshly into individual strands as this can cause breakage and damage over time – instead run your fingers gently through each section several times until you’re satisfied with coverage.

Once you have applied the serum throughout all sections of your hair there are two ways that you can finish styling: using a blowdryer or leaving it to air dry naturally. If using a blowdryer make sure that you are working at a low heat setting so that you don’t damage any delicate strands while still achieving smoothness and shine in one go – if possible let some of the moisture evaporate before continuing with styling so that less heat is necessary when drying completely. Alternatively if choosing natural drying let each section sit undisturbed for around 10 minutes before scrunching slightly with fingers in order for coils and curls to set correctly – this will help achieve maximum definition without having to resort additional tools such as curling irons or hot rollers which may further aggravate already damaged locks over time due excessive heat exposure .

No matter how often serum is used remember always take extra care when applying; just like anything else too much use might lead problems such build up residue on scalp causing irritation inflammation which could eventually require medical attention should condition worsen overtime . Make sure monitor usage frequency adjusting accordingly suit needs desired results ensure healthy shiny mane everyone loves!

Interesting Facts About Serum:
• It should not be used near the scalp to prevent buildup of product.
• When applying serum, use both hands in an up-and-down motion and do not rub too harshly into individual strands.
• If using a blowdryer make sure it is set at a low heat setting and if air drying let each section sit undisturbed for 10 minutes before scrunching with fingers.

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