What Are Barrier Creams & Why Should You Be Using Them?

Welcome back to another skin care tip that can transform your skin. Today, we are talking about barrier cream. Whether this is a completely foreign concept to you or a concept that you just haven’t quite mastered yet, I promise that you will feel like a professional by the end of this article. 

So what is barrier cream? I am so glad you asked. Barrier cream comes in many forms, but the overall concept is that barrier cream helps retain moisture acting as a shield for your skin, hence the name. This has become quite a trend in the world of skincare. For good reason, also. There are loads of benefits of this method. 

Benefits of Barrier Cream

So why is this a good option? There are a few major perks of adding a barrier cream into your nightly routine: 

1. Helps Skin Irritation

If you are prone to breakouts due to very thin or easily irritated skin, then barrier cream could be a great alternative to other methods. This will keep your skin clear from exposure to the environment, but help get that much needed moisture without any harsh chemicals or deep treatments. It sits gently on your skin and does the work for you! 

2. Great for Skin Conditions

On the same note, barrier cream is more intense for your dry or flakey compared to a night or day moisturizer. This is great for skin conditions that standard skin care routines won’t cut it for. Using barrier cream for eczema or other skin conditions is something that has been recommended by dermatologists long before it became as popular of a skin care trend today. 

3. Extra Kick of Moisture

If you are like me, it can be difficult to remember to stick to your skin care routine. If your skin is more dry than usual and you are looking for a quick fix, try using a barrier cream as a treatment every once in a while. This can give your skin that extra love and quench its thirst even if you have been a little bit forgetful lately. 

4. Gentle on the Skin

Lastly, so many products today claim to be good and healthy products, but in the long run, they are harsh on your skin and can cause more damage than good. Luckily, that is not the case with barrier cream. It is gentle and effective, so even the overly cautious can feel confident giving it a try. 

Types of Barrier Creams

There are many different forms of barrier creams. Here are the most common and effective options: 

1. Vaseline

The tale as old as time. If you haven’t used vaseline in your home, then you have been missing out for quite some time. Vaseline is extremely versatile, and loads of beauty gurus recommend it as the top form of barrier cream. It’s simple, yet locks in moisture and keeps outside dirt and grime out. It also works as a great lip balm. 

2. Aquaphor

Aquaphor is another product that might not be associated with skincare off the bat but can be a great barrier cream. It is extremely good for you if you have dry skin, get irritated easily, or need a barrier cream to keep your face full of moisture and away from the rest. 

3. Deep Moisturizers

While a broad category, many companies will have a form of barrier cream product that is titled as a moisturizer. However, it’s important to know the distinctive characteristics. These moisturizers are going to be a thicker and more intense moisturizer than typical options. Unlike the first two options, they will be more likely to soak into the skin more. Depending on your skin type, this could be a pro or con. 

4. Formulated Barrier Creams

Lastly, there are certain options that are actually called barrier creams. This typically looks more like a white cream rather than the texture of vaseline or aquaphor. Every company is different, so be sure to do your research as always to find the perfect fit for you Whichever options you choose, remember moisture is good for your skin whether you are dry or oily. Both could mean you are in desperate need of moisture, so don’t knock barrier cream out until you try it! 

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