5 Fashionable Ways to Wear a Headband

When it comes to greasy or bad hair days, one of the easiest saving graces is a well-known hair accessory known as: the headband. Back in the early 2000’s, there were slim pickings when it came to this accessory. Nowadays, there are so many different types of headbands that suit plenty of styles and preferences.

Lucky for us, unlike jewelry and handbags, headbands are a low-budget accessory that give a high return on investment. However simple it seems to throw on a headband, there are right ways to wear a headband.

Below, we’re going to go over how to style a headband, so if you’re ready to learn more, read on, beautiful!

1. Traditional Headbands

You’ve probably worn a traditional headband — these are the ones that are hard to the touch and have an opening at the bottom. They were very in style in the early 2000s and the most hassle-free way to put them on is to place them on your head, making sure to have some of your hair in front of the headband.

Rather than placing the ends of this accessory behind your ears and sliding it onto your head, start from a hovering position over your head and put it on directly from there. If you prefer your hair tucked behind your ears, you may still do so after you’ve placed the band on your head.

2. Turban Headbands

If you’re going for a turban style, a good approach is to simply open it up and place it over your head. Be sure to have the bow/knot/twist detail on the front of your head, since that’s the focal point of the band. After you’ve put it on your head, you can push it back slightly so that your hair isn’t so flat on the front. Play around with it!

3. Headband with a Low Bun

Achieving a fancier look with a headband is very possible, especially when you pair it with a sleek low bun. To do this look, you’ll first want to comb all of your hair back and down, as this will prevent any hair bumps. Then, finish off your look by applying a hairspray, as this will help you avoid any flyaways and support you in maintaining the sleek feel.

If you tend to have stubborn hairs that stick out, check out this post on how to tame baby hairs. Finally, place the headband and you and your low bun are ready to go.

4. Headband with a Messy Bun

If you’re not aiming for the sleek look, you can also rock a messy bun for a more fun, effortless feel. A messy bun is perfect for low key days when you want to put yourself together, but take it easy at the same time.

To keep the ‘lax vibe’, make sure you don’t pull your hair too tightly when you put your bun together. Push the look even further by grabbing a few strands and allowing them to hang in front of your headband.

5. Headband with Braids

Out of the many headband styles, a great one to take looks up a notch involves making some cool braids with your hair. In the world of styling hair, there are tons of braid looks you can go for, before topping off your look with your favorite headband.

A few examples include: 

  • Classic 3 strand braids
  • French braids 
  • Fish tails 
  • Rope braids 
  • Pull through braids

Final Takeaway

Not only can you match headbands with clothing, shoes, and jewelry — you can also match it to the vibe you’re trying to achieve. Turban bands are perfect for carefree, lax styles while statement bands can help you go bold. The truth of the matter is that whatever look you want to go for, there is a headband style out there to help you achieve it.

At the end of the day, just make sure you are having fun with your hair. It may be easy to get stuck in thought, wondering what would be the “best” look, but honestly – you won’t know until you try them out. So, relax, have a shower, scroll through pinterest for inspiration and have a good time with your favorite headbands, beautiful!

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