Two Tone Hairstyles: Which is Right For You?

Complex colored hair is trending in style and welcomes two tone hairstyles with open arms. Two toned colored hair continues to rise in popularity among men and women alike. We are talking hues of orange, purple, blue, and everything else in between. The possibilities are endless when it comes to two tone hair.

Don’t know where to start? Check out this inspiration guide to help you figure out what you like as well as what you don’t like. 

1. Two Tone Split Horizontally 

The most traditional two-tone hairstyle you’ll see is light on top, dark on the bottom (or vice versa). Typically, you’ll see dark hair on top paired with light tresses on the bottom.

In the image featured above, you’ll notice the top resembles what could be her natural color, while the bottom half of her hair is a turquoise blue. If you’re going for a subtle look, consider keeping your natural hair color. We love how brown and blonde shades pair. These are the most popular if you want to stick to neutral colors. The contrast of these colors together makes a bold statement while maintaining a classy appeal. 

Don’t want natural colors? Talk to your stylist about changing the color. Mismatched colors are in, so don’t hold back if you want a black/red or a yellow/orange color combination. 

2. Two Tone Split Vertically

For a less traditional two-toned hairstyle, color your hair two different colors vertically. This style looks amazing on straight hair because it will really accentuate where the two colors meet. With a horizontal style, you get glimpses of the bottom color. With a vertical style, you get an equal amount of both!

3. Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are one of the hottest trends right now. If you already have color-treated hair, consider growing your natural roots. This will give you an instant ‘shadow root’ hairstyle. 

If you have naturally blonde hair, use dye. Talk to your hairstylist about the color you want your roots to be. Many individuals love dark colors for a nice contrast (like the one seen in the image). If you’re looking for something a bit more dramatic, ask your stylist to lengthen them.

4. Fiery Hair 

Fiery hair has been in for a while now. Shades of reds, orange, or yellows bring out that fire-inspired look. We love this orange-yellow two-toned hairstyle because of its uniqueness and selection of colors. Have your stylist blend the two colors however you’d like. This could be like shown in the picture or in any of the other styles mentioned in this post.

Remember that when choosing a two tone hair color, there is no right or wrong answer. Mismatch is in, so you couldn’t possibly make a mistake as long as you’re working with an experienced hairdresser. 

5. Subtle Streaks 

This is one of the easiest ways to change up your look, and it’s great for something that wants something different but not too drastic. Simply add a streak to each front side of your hair. This could be blonde, purple, green – whatever floats your boat! 

Since it’s just a strand of hair, you could probably get away with doing it yourself. Or, consider some hair extensions if you’re trying to provide the least damage possible to your hair. 

6. Just the Tips 

Adding color to only the bottom of your locks is a fun way to show off your personality. If you have very dark hair, consider some red or even platinum tips. Now, if you have light locks, pinks or blues will fit in nicely. 

Another benefit of this hairstyle is you can achieve it by just growing out your hair. For instance, if you dyed your hair pink and are ready to go back to natural, let it grow out. You’ll enjoy the shadow roots style first before entering this one.

7. Peek-A-Boos 

Peek-a-boos are a sure-fire way to get a pop of color. This “pop” can be as subtle or as loud as your imagination wants. Our favorite color when it comes to this two toned hairstyle is fuschia. It looks amazing on either dark or light colored hair.

8. Cotton Candy Inspiration 

Not all two toned hairstyles have to be symmetrical. As a matter of fact, mismatched hairstyles are in. We personally love the playful appeal of this hairdo. We’ve also seen other color combinations in this style, such as:

  • Red and orange
  • Black and blonde
  • Brown and teal
  • Grey and blue

Have two colors in mind? Chances are they will look great together. Just talk to your stylist about how to go about changing your hair color in the safest way possible.

9. Blue and Purple Braids 

This hairstyle will take a little longer to achieve, but the end result is so worth it. Regardless of your hair texture, length, or color, you can get this exact same look. Talk to your stylist about the best route for your hair type. Do they recommend hair extensions? What about a weave? What will the process of getting in the blues and purples look like? 

A hair do of this complexity isn’t necessarily something you could do on your own. Therefore, you’ll need the help of a professional. Consultations are key. It will be clear if the hair stylist has experience with two tone hair like this one. If something seems off about them or they don’t sound confident in their ability, keep looking around. 

10. Shades of Red

Two tone hair colors can literally be two shades of the same color. Take red, for instance. The roots are a darker hue, while the middle is a brighter color. It does seem like she added some of the darker color to some of her hair tips. The placement of the colors is all up to you!

11. Caramel Pops of Color 

These are technically highlights, but if you’re looking for something subtle and you have very curly hair, consider this two toned hairstyle. The light caramel color adds a beautiful touch to these brunette curls. Huge fans of this hairdo, especially if you have insanely curly locks like featured above. Gorgeous!

12. Two Tone Blunt Cut

Looking for something a little more different? Consider this two toned blunt cut. The blue color is cut shorter than the blonde. Then, you have a straight cut for the blonde section of hair. It’s unique, and while this may not be to everyone’s taste, there are ways to adjust this style to make it fit what you’re looking for. 

Perhaps, level it out evenly but still color the same section of your hair blue. Maybe it’s the blue that’s throwing you off. Consider a nice pastel pink. And don’t worry – while you’ll need to invest in some purple shampoo to upkeep this color, you won’t need the nose ring to pull this look off!

Final Thoughts 

If we’ve helped narrow down the two tone hair that you want, we’ve done our job! Keep in mind that the above are just ideas. You can cultivate any of these ideas into your own. And, regardless of the style that you choose, be sure to go with an experienced hairstylist for the least damage possible on your hair.

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