Top 15 Taylor Swift Hairstyles Over the Years

Taylor Swift has been a trend setter since the day we all fell in love with Our Song. While her music grasped every girl or guy’s heart post breakup and all the stages in between, her hair has also set some major trends over the years. Some can be traced back to iconic albums or just iconic moments of her life. 

Regardless of when those moments came, she has been setting the stage for every young girl to follow in her hairstyle footsteps. Some we can be grateful for the leadership. Others, not so much. It’s okay, Taylor, we forgive you. 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Here are the top 15 Taylor Swift haircuts that are definitely not a Picture to Burn. Sorry, I couldn’t help it!

1. Our Song Taylor

Like I said, this is the moment die hard Taylor fans fell in love. Our young boy drama seemed like the end of the world, but Taylor made us feel like we were THAT girl and 12 year old Justin was the real loser of the breakup. Her iconic natural blond curls gave her the lovable, country look that captivated Swifties. 

From the cover of her first big album to her down to earth looks that gave us the true Taylor, she was a baby in the world of fame. But that sure wouldn’t last for long.

2. Our Song Music Video 

Another iconic moment in Swiftie history, Taylor ventured back and forth between the natural curls to tight ringlets that hit the covers of her next two albums. However, this look’s first well known appearance was in her classic Music Video to Our Song. If you don’t know Our Song or the music video. Take some time, evaluate your life decisions, and go learn up on true culture. We’ll wait.

3. Award Time

Keeping the ringlets alive, Taylor’s first round of awards came around. Her fun and young updo’s were another cult classic of her hair evolution. This is also the style she wore while accepting the award that iconically was interrupted by Kanye West, a beef that heavily influenced a later album. 

 If you were a true Swiftie yourself, you probably tried to replicate this look for your school dance and epically failed. It’s okay, Taylor pulls everything off better. 

4. Side Part for Days

If this wasn’t a middle school horror story you have also lived through, don’t come for us. She made us do it. Taylor set the stage for this regrettable hair choice, but like always, hers was not nearly as rough. Her side swept bangs were a tale of the times. 

5. Bye Bye Curls

A moment to be remembered. Taylor said goodbye to the classic curls, and made a  switch to a straight hair look. While this was a big moment for her evolution, we still kept most of classic Taylor in her looks and music. Her biggest albums were on the rise, and she was growing more than ever. 

6. Bangs!!!

No more side bangs. Taylor committed to the full look with classic straight across bangs to pull her look together. This is one of the most flattering looks Taylor has had. So much so, this look has continued to be a style for her all the way into present day, with some breaks every now and then. Her style and hair were ready for a fresh new style to match her new life of fame. 

7. Layers on Layers

A quick chop chop gave Taylor’s bangs and straight hair a whole new meaning. Her bouncy, lively styling is a returning trend even now in 2021. While this was a short lived phase of Taylors, it is a personal favorite and must try for those looking to copy of look of Taylor’s.

8. Red Era 

No, not the red hair era. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a ginger phase. Now THAT would be some news. The Red album was a pivotal moment for Taylor’s hairstyles. Her iconic ringlets were a thing of the past and her bangs and loose curls were on the rise. Paired with her favorite hat and high rise shorts, ofcourse.

9. Shorter is Always Better

Taylor’s chop made a big statement, just like her new music. As Taylor moved out of the country genre, her looks evolved to fit her pop music aesthetic. No more sweet country girl. Bubbly, dance music took a turn towards Swifties. No one can Shake It Off with a head full of hair tying you down, no?

10. Add some Edge

As Taylor moved into full Revenge mode, personally and artistically, her hair gave that extra edge that her songs started to bring. Katy Perry who? Her short hair got some layers and volume to match her. Taylor’s look brought fierce vibes ready to call out all the snakes. Don’t come for us, ladies. 

11. Bob, anyone?

An iconic look with her best friend, Selena. Taylor rocked the bob that hopefully most of us understood was a Taylor only look. I, myself, only ended up looking like Dora with my bob looks. Not quite the icon moment as our girl, Taylor. 

12. Platinum, Here We Come

The peak of Taylor’s badass streak, her switch to platinum. Every blonde has to try it at least once in their life, right? This came as quite a shock for most fans. Her dirty blonde hair had become her signature, but most of us were able to get onboard with this look. She sure came a long way from the girl next door we once knew her as. 

13. Back to Natural

For those that weren’t a fan of the platinum look, no worries. It was short lived. Taylor returned to her iconic dirty blonde locks just in time for her next venture in the music space, a much more acoustic style. This is where our love for sweaters and cardigans had its moment. Cozy Taylor was back with a little bit of spice.

14. Baby, We’re The New Romantics

We love a soft girl look. Taylor brought her revenge stage to an end with acceptance and positivity. Her music brought light to social issues and her style took a turn to bright and inviting looks. Her hair matched the time with soft curls, updos, and face framing to give the welcoming vibe we all fell in love with her for. Not to mention her style that gave cottage core a face. Our picnic in the field looks have her to thank. 

15. Present Day 

Ah, we’ve made it to present time. Taylor is not finished with her influence quite yet. With her constant evolving, you never know what’s up her sleeve. For now, she had her dirty blonde hair, bangs, and medium length styles to rock her looks with. One thing is for sure, you can be ready for something new with Taylor Swift every time. Keep serving those looks queen, and while you’re at it, drop another album.

Final Thoughts

And that is all we have today, babes. Taylor’s evolution in 15 photos. Phew, feels like reliving our childhood in one article. Hopefully, this sparked your inner fangirl, and you are heading straight to the playlist vault to jam out to some Swiftie bops just like I am. Better yet, check out Taylor’s version that just dropped . We gotta support our girl. T-swizzle out.

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