Top 15 Jane Fonda Hairstyles Over the Years

Whether you truly know who she is or not, we have all heard the name Jane Fonda in our lifetime. For those that aren’t as familiar with her, Jane Fonda is an American actress, political activist, fashion model, and fitness icon. She is known for work in projects such as Klute, Coming Home, and her Jane Fonda Workout Video.  However, she is still in the industry today, as she currently stars in Grace and Frankie. Her political views have also been a known part of her fame, as she is not afraid to get arrested or cause some trouble over important issues by protesting. 

Today, we are going to dive into her iconic looks over the years and what she was accomplishing during each of those looks. She has set the tone for young ladies today to strive towards as well as older women with her present looks.  So let’s dive right into her top 15 hairstyles over the years. 

1. Humble Beginnings

In her earlier years, Jane Fonda was the poster child for the classic 70’s hairstyle. Many girls in 2021 might not be familiar with her, but they sure are familiar with this look, and she is a huge reason this look is well known. Her blonde, medium length locks are an iconic look that transcends the decades. 

2. Straight Mullet

A polarizing look to her more familiar styles, Jane Fonda followed trends of the 70’s with this fun look. Saying goodbye to her blonde hair briefly, she leads the pack with this straight cut that mirrors the classic 80’s mullet. This look was in her early fame, and Hollywood was much different then. However, her beauty has remained. 

3. Short Short

A true 90’s look, Jane rocked her classic 90’s style and had a short curly look to match. Surprisingly, this look is returning in popularity for the younger crowd in 2021. Jane, however, was a part of the first wave of this edgy look. This is one of the next moments we see from her, with less happening from the late 70’s into the early 90’s. However, her run was quite far from over. She was still hard at work in her political aspects and artistically. 

4. Short and Brown

A few years later, Jane repped short hair again, however saying so long to her dirty blonde hair. This look was much more straight and blunt. Her dark brown hair made her look much more different and less recognizable in her hair history. 

5. Bold and Wild 

A daring look of Jane Fonda’s, her short and flared look was a show stopper. This look is a look from the times, but a fun style that matched her personality. She was not afraid to try edgy looks in her style and hair which is one of the reasons she is such an iconic woman to reflect back on. 

6. Monster in Law 

This look will always be associated with her well known movie, Monster in Law. Her short hair that fell around her ears and fun flip to add some pizazz was a look many men and women began to know Jane Fonda by. And, ofcourse, her stylish looks and make-up to match. 

7. Classic Flip

This look was worn by the majority of women in the 2000’s. The classic housewife hair flip was not only worn by everyday housewives, but also iconic women in fame during the time. Unlike some people, this was a successful look on Jane Fonda. Her age and style fit this look well, and for those who were lifelong fans, they wanted to jump on board.

8. Short and Voluminous

This look was quite popular in the early 2000’s as well. Jane was a leader of short hairstyles in a time when they were gaining more traction. This look was a shorter look, but gave much more volume and life than other cuts. Her fun streaks of spiky straight pieces adding a trendy look for the time. 

9. Poofed Curls

This look was a fun, fluffy curl look that moved her into the older hairstyles with class. Her hair began moving from dirty blonde in a lighter color as she aged. Matched with her fun style, Jane Fonda showed us you can be trendy and innovative at whatever age. She kept her fluffy curls at a bob level, a flattering look on her. 

10. United Curls

Unlike her previous curly looks, this style has less flick to her curls and more unity with each group of curls. Sticking her well known length, she gives a much more approachable look with these softer curls and keeps some volume in the process. 

11. Bright Highlights

Adding some spice to her look, Jane Fonda repped some brighter blonde highlights contrasting her dirty blonde natural hair. She used this color a few times over the years, but a favorite is when she paired this color with short looks. This gave her an eye catching moment that let the color speak for itself. 

12. Updo

A more recent look, Jane Fonda changed things up a bit with a relaxed, straight haired updo. Pulling her hair back with some side bangs framing her face, this look led her into modern day with her more recent films and projects. Unlike other looks, this look takes less work to replicate and can be used everyday or for an event. 

13. Modern Curls

Unlike some of her previous looks, this look was much more modern and applicable to all age groups. She pulled this look off well with her bob and blonde locks mixed in with a bit of color depth. Adding some side bangs gave her some definition as well. 

14. Swoop and Sweet

One of her more recent styles, Jane gives a flowy swoop look that is timeless. This look is a flattering look for all women. The key to this look is the volume mixed in with the swoop. This is a great style for women with thinning hair looking to create the illusion of voluminous locks. While this works well on all hair colors, Jane’s hair color is a stand out color for this style. 

15. Present Day

Ah, we made it. Present Day Jane Fonda is aging with class. She brings innovative looks for older women while repping her graying hair and shorter hairstyle. While she still is acting, her hair is constantly evolving for roles and events, but this is a personal favorite of her present day looks. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Our walk down memory lane has come to an end, but don’t get it twisted, Jane Fonda is still making history and leading the way in fashion with her look in the present time. Her memory is not in past tense. She is sure to wow us with more iconic hairstyles and groundbreaking abilities in the upcoming years. 

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