7 Simple Tips To Get Thicker Hair

Hair is the natural crown all of us have. Since our childhood, we have seen tons of fairy tales and cartoons where the lady lead has beautiful long hair, that has, in fact, helped her meet her prince charming too! Well, while those are fictional characters, yet the concept of hair is true. If well maintained and grown in the right way, even we can have long and strong hair, as we have always dreamed of. So, if you are also one among those plenty of women who crave for thickness along with length, then, read on further to have a look at some simple tips to get thicker hair. Here we present some tips of Appealing Hair Color Ideas For Different Hair Colors. Have a look-

Simple Tips To Get Thicker Hairs

Simple Tips To Get Thicker Hair

Wash Your Hair In The Right Manner

Simple Tips To Get Thicker Hairs

It is extremely important for you to keep a tab on the frequency of washing your hair, and in the way, you wash it. Some hair types may demand hair wash every second day, while some may last for a minimum of 4 days. This majorly depends on how oily your scalp is, and read the signs before you decide on the hair wash frequency. Wash your hair thoroughly.

Stick To One Shampoo

Simple Tips To Get Thicker Hairs

Yes, frequent switching of shampoos and hair products is not a good idea. Initially, you might have to experiment to understand which brand suits your hair, but once that is decided, do not switch. Stick to one shampoo, so that your hair gets used to those chemicals, and then your scalp. Frequent switching may cause damage to your hair roots.

Try Natural Remedies

Simple Tips To Get Thicker Hairs

Natural remedies like applying curd on your hair or neem paste work like magic. Now, there might be tons of such natural remedies, but hold on to all of those! Do not go ahead and experiment all of those on your hair, all of them may not suit. Based on your hair type, choose anyone, read about them online, if required, consult your dermatologist and then go ahead.

Massage Your Scalp

Simple Tips To Get Thicker Hairs

Whenever you have at least 15-20 mins in your hand, get going with this super tip. Open your hair, remove any pins as well, and massage your scalp in circular motions. You can do this at night, before sleeping too. This message will help your head relax, and all cells in your scalp will be equally open and have proper blood circulation. This helps your hair roots to open up, and have hair growth.

Oiling Is Magical

Simple Tips To Get Thicker Hairs

It must have been ages since we applied oil to our hair – all thanks to our busy schedules and work, that we may not get time to oil our hair. But today, stop whatever you are doing and oil your hair. Some hair types will require the oil to stay overnight, while some may work the magic in just a few hours. Go accordingly, and try to oil your hair at least twice a week.

Avoid Drying Your Hair With The Dryer

Simple Tips To Get Thicker Hairs

Let your hair dry the natural way. That is the best way to allow your hair to open up fully and dry itself from the water. Using dryer tends to make your hair dry and brittle, leading to hair fall in the long run. Sometimes it is okay, but most of the time, let your hair use up the natural air to dry.

How You Comb Makes A Difference

Simple Tips To Get Thicker Hairs

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DO NOT comb your hair when it is wet. It may lead to unnecessary hair fall. This is just one example of how combing can make a difference. The hairbrush sometimes may also be the cause, so pay close attention to anything that is suddenly causing excessive damage to your hair. Here we present the top 7 easy summer hairstyles for working women that will make your office look go from drab to outstanding in a few minutes. Your hair is a part of your body. DO not list to anyone, but your body signs – they will never be wrong. 

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