Top 15 Shaved Hairstyles for Women Ranked for 2021

Shaved hairstyles are gaining traction each year. Women are ready to claim their power over their hair, even if that means getting rid of it. No pressure to style our hair each day when we don’t have any hair to style!

Surprisingly, there is still a lot of versatility in ways to shave your head. Whether you are rocking the shaved hair look already, or finally getting onboard to this new found freedom, I have some fun looks for you to try! Here are my favorite 15 shaved hairstyles that are trendy and empowering to start off 2021 with a bang (or buzz).

1. Bowl Cut Reimagined

Coconut Head has some new competition, but this time, all eyes are looking in admiration rather than disapproval. This modern look is a bold move, just like all shaved cuts are, while still maintaining most of your length. It also opens up a lot of styling options still for those not fully ready to say goodbye to the locks. If you already have a bob, this is the next time towards a shaved head look. 

2. Dye and Shave

Feeling really risky? Try Shaving your head and adding some color to the mix. Whether you are making the full shave and bleaching your hair, or adding fun designs with color, this is a fresh option for those already with a shaved head looking to spice things up. Plus there hardly any hair to damage with dying, so what’s the harm?

3. 1, 2, 3

Want to create some depth to your shaved look? Try adding blunt sections of buzzed hair getting into a full shave at the bottom. This gives an edgy impression with room to still keep a bit of definition. You can have as many or little shaved sections as you look, but remember the more you add, the more intense the shave will be. If you are not a fan of your bare head shape, this is a close second while keeping a bit to the imagination. 

4. Blunt Short Cut

Want a look that is in your face and catches people’s attention? Perfect. Try a blunt cut. Think Demi Lovato pink hair era. She spoke on how empowered she was chopping her hair. She is on trend and leading the pack as always with this blunt pixie cut. Who can go wrong following after Demi? Talk about a boundary pushing icon. 

5. Buzzcut

Not the full shave, but pretty awful close. The buzzcut is a haircut guys have been sporting for years, it’s about time the ladies have a crack at it. This might be a means to an end for those growing out their shaved hair or simply a starting point. Regardless, this look is bold and tough, two things every woman can be.

6. Undercut Shave

A very common shaved look. Undercuts are great for those who often pull up their hair into buns or ponytails, that aren’t willing to give those up, but want to join the shaved hair club. There are tons of ways to style an undercut with designs and harsh lines to make your stand out among the rest. This can also be done in a V shape, straight across, or some wild shapes for the adventurous of the bunch. 

7. Deep Side Shave

Who doesn’t love a yin and yang? This look is amazing when executed correctly. Don’t think that this is a tamer version of a full shave, however. Quite the contrary, half shaved hairstyles is a known attention grabber, so be ready for some stares. All good things, though. Center of attention is where the magic happens. Who doesn’t like a few extra fans? 

8. Long Hair Don’t Care

Still wanting to keep your long hair? No worries. You can rock most of these looks while keeping your long hair. One of the most popular for long haired gals is the shaved side or undercut. If you need to rock long hair for the day, simply part your hair on the other side and it was never there. Then unwind later back to your shaved hair look. A win win. 

9. Pixie Shave

Open to a pixie cut that isn’t as harsh? Don’t worry, there are plenty of shaved pixie looks with natural gradients and subtle shaves for the less in your face hairstyles. Or even shaving the nape of the neck to create a full pixie look will bring a bit of the shaved element without overdoing it. 

10. Design

Find yourself a talented hair stylist or barber for this one. Designs are one of the most common denominators in shaved hairstyle. While some are cool and edgy, others miss the mark. Make sure whatever design you decide is applicable to your lifestyle, well thought out, and makes the statement you are wanting. Some of the more popular options are lined details, specific shapes to create, or fluid swirls, but don’t be tied down  to only what has been done before. 

11. One Side A Bit

Another side look, but with less eye catching. This is also an extremely common shaved look. For the girls who were never allowed to live out their shaved head dreams either from parents, workplace, or school restriction, this is a gateway to achieving your goal. 

12. Peek a Boo

An even tamer take on a shave, try a quick patch at the side of a part to add a fun accent to your new hairstyle. This can be hidden for professional events or accentuated for night out, the choice is yours. You still have made the shaved hair club and we welcome you with open arms. 

14. Gradient Shave

Who said barbers were for men? Find the best barber in town and get the full fade experience. This can totally reshape a person’s appearance, so experiment with fade options. You can go short or long on time with this style, depending on your preference. 

15. Mohawk Gal

Embrace your inner rocker with the double side shave also known as a mohawk. This style is a bit more difficult to mask, so make sure to fully commit to the idea before the chop. However, there are loads of fun styles to incorporate with this look. You can also keep your long or short hair with this shave, so the world is your canvas. 

16. Take the Leap

Finally, the full plunge. Brittney Spears inspired us all the day she picked up that razor and started buzzing away. This style doesn’t need a stylist of anyone to accomplish, although I would suggest someone assisting the hard to reach areas. So many women amaze me at how great this style look, and you could be the next inspiration!

Final Thoughts

I hope you had as much fun as I did! Shaved female haircuts are a personal favorite that I have yet to be brave enough to try. There is something empowering about shaving off something that has such a heavy impact on your day to day life. 

Hopefully you were also inspired and even swayed to make the chop. Whether your chop is a small side shave or the full thing, I am proud of your bold choice and sure you are going to rock the look.  I am taking risks and following our gut in 2021, and I hope you are as well. 

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