Revlon 1875W Lightweight + Fast Dry Hair Dryer

By Emma Freeman April 16, 2020
Looks / Appearance 5.0 / 5.0
Functionality 4.5 / 5.0
Ease of use 5.0 / 5.0


  • – Lightweight
  • – Fast drying time
  • – Not overpowering
  • – Comes with attachments like a defuser


  • – Some users say that it isn’t powerful enough

The Fast Dry Lightweight Revlon 1875 Hair Dryer is known for its feather-weight design that allows you to get gorgeous blowouts without straining your arms. 

This device is coated with 3 layers of ceramic and ionic technology which makes for reduced frizz and minimal heat damage. 

An added bonus is the concentrator and finger diffuser attachments that come with every purchase. All of these features help you customize your hairstyle and achieve a finished look that suits you best. 

Who is This Blow Dryer For? 

This blow dryer was made for people who dry their hair almost daily and need a lightweight alternative to some of the heavier models out there. 

If you have a thick head of hair, you’ll love this product because you won’t get tired it holding it to your head. 

If frizz is a problem for you, you’ll definitely benefit from this blow dryer. Because of the ionic technology, your hair will be static- and frizz-free when you finish your blowout. 


For the low price, this blow dryer has many useful features: 

Demensions: 3.9 x 8.9 x 10.6 inches 

Weight: 1.9 pounds

Heat Settings: 2 Heat / Speed Settings & a cold shot button 

Voltage: 1875W 

It also comes with…

  • Ionic technology
  • 3x ceramic coating
  • Cold-shot button
  • 2 heat/speed settings
  • Hinged end cap
  • Smoothing concentrator 

What Makes This Blow Dryer Special? 

According to the manufacturer, this blow dryer is 30% lighter than other models. While most people don’t consider weight as a factor before they purchase a blow dryer, it’s actually quite important. 

This dryer, unlike many others on the market, will not tire you when you hold it for an extended period of time. If you’ve got long hair that is difficult to drive, you’ll definitely enjoy that feature. 

The 3x ceramic coating is another reason that this blow dryer is special. Everyone knows that heat damages hair, so the added protection of the ceramic coating is quite useful. 

With this model, you get an even distribution of heat that makes for an efficient blowout. 

Why Should I Buy This Hair Dryer? 

You should buy this blowdryer because of how convenient it is. For the low price, you get practical adjustability settings and attachments. These additions are provided to you at no extra cost. 

Additionally, the ionic technology keeps your hair shiny, healthy, and smooth. The blowout from other dryers may only last a short period of time. The look you achieve from this model will last much longer. 

If you have curly or wavy hair, you should definitely try out this product. You’ll notice that the diffuser attachment makes the air flow less concentrated, meaning that you can dry your hair without disrupting your curl pattern. 

If you want versatility, this Revlon hair dryer with diffuser attachment is an excellent choice for you. When you use it without the attachment, you can achieve a smoother finish. If you decide you want to wear your hair curly, simply pop it on.

Our Verdict

There’s few reasons not to try out this product. Not only does it come at an affordable price, but it has many practical features that some standard dryers don’t offer. The ionic technology coupled with the 3x ceramic coating provide an even distribution of heat, so you can get a frizz-free look without damaging your hair. 


Like we mentioned, the smoothing concentrator and diffuser attachments are given to you at no extra cost. We believe that the added versatility this provides is an excellent reason to try out this model. 


Best of all, these features are contained in a lightweight body. You won’t feel fatigued at all when you use this product, even if you’ve got a thick head of hair that takes a long time to dry. 


Definitely give this well-made product a try. To see the price and learn more about the features, click below.


  • – Lightweight
  • – Fast drying time
  • – Not overpowering
  • – Comes with attachments like a defuser


  • – Some users say that it isn’t powerful enough