Peptides for Skin: Everything You Need To Know

If you are well versed in the beauty world, you might have heard of peptides once or twice. If not, then you might be wondering what in the world peptides are and what they have to do with my skin. Whether you are on either end of the spectrum or somewhere in the middle, I am going to explain everything you need to know about peptides benefits for skin, what they are, and ways to get more of them. 

Now, take a seat wherever you are and grab your pen and paper, because you’re going to want to get all the information you can on this! 

What are Peptides? 

First things first, let’s talk about what peptides are to begin with. Peptides are a string of amino acids. Now, don’t worry. I’m not talking you back to science class, but we do need to get into a bit of the science behind peptides to explain them properly. 

Thinking of peptides is part of the puzzle in forming healthy and new collagen which gives our skin the youthful firmness that fights wrinkles and paper like skin. It also helps form the puzzle for elastin fibers which help keep your skin elastic, hence the name. This is a quick sign of aging skin. When you pull your skin, does it bounce back into place? If not, you are in need of some more elastin fibers to get that youthful complexion back. 

Benefits of Peptides

So what are peptides in skincare? How do they contribute? Though we briefly highlighted the concept of peptides and why they would be helpful, there are loads of peptides benefits for skin. 

1. Skin Plumper

As we age, our skin starts to get less and less full. This is where having a skin plumping product is crucial to accomplishing the youthful look we are striving for. It gives substance back to our cheeks. The best substitute for that “baby fat” we’ve lost. 

2. Diminish Wrinkles

Like I mentioned, there are major wrinkle diminishing qualities in peptides due to the production of collagen, but let’s go into this in a bit more detail. When you add peptides into your routine, you trick your body into thinking there is an injury. As with anything, our body is always working to heal itself, so it will begin forming collagen to make up for this injury resulting in new skin that is wrinkle free! 

3. Aids inflammation

A less talked about perk, inflammation is the culprit for a lot of skin concerns. If your face is red most of the time or can’t seem to even out in terms of skin tone, then you probably have some inflammation issues. Luckily, this is another benefit of peptides for skin. Kiss the redness goodbye and grab peptide skincare. 

4. Clears Breakouts

Another perk that can benefit those with acne prone skin. Nine times out of ten, acne is a bacterial and overproduction of oil issue. Peptides help diminish the oil production and allow for your skin to get a hold on the bacteria causing your acne, so you can live a pimple free life. 

5. Elastin

Like I mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of peptides is adding elastin back into your skin. Have you ever seen an elderly person’s skin almost hang off their face? With no substance to it? That is the lengthened effects of losing elastin. Don’t worry, though. That doesn’t have to be your reality for quite some time. Get some peptides to give your skin that umph back. Also, a tip for helping with this issue is to keep your skin hydrated. For example, if you pull on the back of your hand and it doesn’t go back to normal immediately, you are more than likely dehydrated. 

How to Get Peptides

What are some ways to get more collagen stimulating peptides? There are a few options. The best way to help decide which option is best for you is to weigh options out by the other ingredients. This will take a bit of research into your skin’s needs. 

For example, if you are wanting to focus on clearing up acne breakouts, then you won’t want to look for a product with Vitamin C in it. While this is a great addition to your skincare routine typically, it can cause your face to breakout more. That is why it’s best to wait until your breakouts start clearing up to add in Vitamin C. 

Here are some of the many options available for peptides for skin:

  1. Peptide Night Creams
  2. Peptides Serums
  3. Target Pen
  4. Peptide Eye Cream

Each of these target separate areas, and have different products mixed in to aid peptides for the best results, so do your research and find the best one for you! 

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