NuMe Bold Hair Dryer

By Emma Freeman August 19, 2021
Looks / Appearance 5.0 / 5.0
Functionality 4.0 / 5.0
Ease of use 5.0 / 5.0


  • – Concentrator included
  • – Long cord for flexibility
  • – Hair-protecting technology


  • – Surface heats up in use, handle with care

Oftentimes, when it comes to maintaining or styling, many of us have love-hate relationships with our hair. Why? Because it can become cumbersome, tiring and even damaging if the incorrect products are used. 

This has been my experience for a long time until I came across NuMe, a company founded by Sabrina Maren in 2009 that has been producing quality hair products ever since.

So far, I’ve had a wonderful experience with the flat iron I purchased from NuMe, so I was beyond excited to try out the NuMe Bold Hair Dryer. Below, I’ve shared my experience with this product, so if you’re interested in learning about it, keep reading, beautiful!

Who is the NuMe Bold Hair Dryer For?

From beautiful, voluptuous curls to silky, fine locks, the NuMe Bold Hair Dryer works perfectly to dry tresses quickly, efficiently, and 35% faster than the leading competition. 

Whatever your hair type, this dryer will treat it safely, especially when you consider the negative ion conditioning technology and far-infrared heat you’re equipped with. When using this blow dryer, it’s easy to see how it promotes lasting protection for the healthiest of blowouts.


  • – Grill Material: Ceramic
  • – Colors: Pink, Black, Turquoise
  • – Cord Length: 8 ft 5 in.
  • – Weight: 2 lb 13 oz
  • ‏‏‎ ‎

What Makes this Hair Dryer Special?

As amazing as it is that this dryer is safe to use on all sorts of hair types, there is much more to love about the NuMe Bold Dryer. Below, I’ve listed out aspects you can expect to enjoy with this product, should you give it a try:


When you think about applying heat to your locks, you tend to assume the worst, such as frizz, moisture loss, damage, and so forth. Thanks to the negative ion conditioning technology I mentioned before, this bold dryer makes sure to seal cuticles and lock in moisture for frizz-free results that look and feel healthy. 

Plus, to protect your strands long-term, this dryer also moves heat directly into hair follicles and out to the cuticles. In the end, you’re left with shiny, healthy locks you love.


The engineers of the NuMe Bold Hair Dryer put careful consideration into this product and it’s apparent when you think about the features that support healthy tresses. This dryer contains a built-in grill made with ceramic material that conducts negative ions and far-infrared heat in the pursuit of providing healthier drying. 

Additionally, users are further protected with the cool shot button feature, which smooths and sets blowouts with cuticle sealing.

Why Should I Buy this Hair Dryer?

When using this blow dryer on my own strands, I loved how easy it was to hold for a length of time. With it being as lightweight as it is, getting through my hair styling was not a hassle like it usually is; it felt like a load off – literally. Never have I been able to dry my hair so quickly. This product was checking all my boxes from my first time using it! 

Another thing to love about this dryer is how it can suit all different hair types. On myself, I use max temperature and speed settings, since I have long, thick hair. On my mom, however, I use low settings and her silky, fine hair turns out fantastic. The versatility makes this a real winner for me.

Our Verdict

Overall, I had a wonderful experience with the NuMe Bold Hair Dryer. I purchased mine in the turquoise color, which matches the rest of my hair care products. So, not only does it fit well with my hair, but it also fits well with my space. I’m excited to keep using this for all my hair-drying needs and I absolutely encourage you to try it for yourself, as well!



  • – Concentrator included
  • – Long cord for flexibility
  • – Hair-protecting technology


  • – Surface heats up in use, handle with care