Top 12 Long Hairstyles with Highlights Ranked for 2021

Hairstyles offer women a way to express, change, or reinvent themselves. No one is forced into the hair salon for a makeover – we do it because it makes us feel good and reflects who we are.

If you have long hair and want a new look that doesn’t require you chopping it all off, consider adding highlights. Long hairstyles with highlights have been around for decades. However, the look you go with will be unique to you and make you feel like an entirely new person.

The following 12 hairstyles are sure to get your creative juices flowing and really pinpoint the type of highlights you want. Let’s get started!

1. Light Brown Highlights

Light brown highlights look beautiful in brunette hair. If you’re looking for something on the subtle side, start here. Any light brown or blonde shade will look great in your hair. Consider the following colors:

  • – Caramel
  • – Gold
  • – Honey
  • – Natural Brown
  • – Toffee
  • – Chestnut

The right tones will depend on the shade of your hair color and the look you’re striving for. The best part about brunette hair is you can experiment with both light and dark tones. Playing around with different tones gives your hair a multi-dimensional look that’s both effortless and natural. To style, consider adding some beachy waves to really make those new tones pop.

2. Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights look great on dark brown hair, however depending on the specific look you’re going for, they may take longer to achieve. Depending on the tone of your hair, you may need to schedule a couple of appointments to get the look you want. 

If you have light brown locks, blonde highlights will grab much easier. The best highlight colors for women with long, light brown hair are bronze/blonder colors. These tones will bring out the undertone of your natural hair color while offering depth in shades. 

Flaunt your fresh highlights by letting your hair loose and parting it down the middle. This will offer a symmetrical look to showcase your blonde highlights.

3. Pastels

Want something completely different? It’s time to jump on the pastel bandwagon. Pastel hues instantly add glamour to your overall look and make a statement. Consider some purple highlights mixed with grey undertones like shown in the image above. If you have blonde hair, any color will go on nicely. Consider adding some pinks, greens, or light orange tones.

Keep in mind that pastel highlights take some upkeep. They will last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair and the products you use. While this is a very pretty and different look, you’ll need to care for the color to avoid it from fading too quickly. 

4. Multicolored

Can’t decide on one color? Go with two or three! 

Multicolored highlights will add excitement to your long locks. This fun hairstyle is sure to turn heads and says a lot about your personality. If you’re someone who was meant to stand out from the crowd, a multicolored look may be just what you’re looking for. 

Be sure to consult with your hairstylist on any recommendations to dye your hair several vibrant colors in the least damaging way possible – especially if you’re going for long hair highlights.

5. Balayage Hairstyle

Balayage is a highlighting technique that doesn’t use foil. Foil often gives strong highlights with sharp color variations. Balayage offers a more natural end look. The color is directly painted onto the hair creating a more natural, sun-kissed color.

A huge benefit of this hairstyle (beyond its amazing looks), is that regrowth lines are less noticeable. This means you’ll need fewer touchups, and as your hair grows, it will maintain a soft, natural look.

6. Ombre Brown

You may be wondering what the difference between Balayage and ombre is. Well, ombre is referred to as more of a style and uses a horizontal placement. Balayage is known to be more of a technique and uses more of a vertical placement. Both hairstyles are low maintenance and look beautiful on long hair.

With an ombre look, your hairstylist will lighten your hair mid-way. You can choose any hue from caramel, blonde to grays and purples. Ombre is a great way to highlight your personality and you can go with tones as simple or complex as you want.

7. Blue Highlights

Next up in this highlights for long hair ideas is a personal favorite: blue highlights on black hair. You’ll notice that the color will reflect best when the sun hits it. This jewel tone is so flattering on black hair. Consider cobalt blue, bottle green, or turquoise highlights. 

8. Sunkissed

Want to look like you just came from the beach? Sunkissed highlights are the way to go. This is a great look for people with dark or light hair colors. It offers a nice way to break up dark locks and give them a sunkissed glow. This look pairs well with wavy beach hair, styled with mousse and volumizing products. 

9. Curly Hair

If you have super curly hair, you know it’s both a blessing and a curse! While managing it can be tedious, there is no doubt curly locks are breathtaking. However, even if you’re born with beautiful hair, every once in a while, you want something different.

Curly hair matches very nicely with any type of highlights. If you have dark hair, consider sprinkling some blonde highlights throughout. Grey (almost white) highlights will also look amazing in your hair, giving you a pop of color that pairs well with your curls.

10. Platinum Blonde Highlights

Stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching platinum blond look. This hair color is iconic and looks well on just about any hair color. Unsure of what color will go well with your skin tone? Consult with your hairstylist to explore different options.

If you want to add some spunk to your everyday look, platinum highlights are a great choice. Consider mixing in some ash-blond highlights as well. Those who have never had highlights can expect a dramatic, yet captivating difference.

11. Red Highlights

Rich red tones will forever be in style – especially during autumn. Adding some streaks of red to dark hair is perfect for a night out on the town or visiting a pumpkin patch. It’s truly a great color that goes well with any skin tone. Receive a hair consultation to go over different shades of reds and which one suits your skin color and personality best.

Red hair will also make your complexion look brighter. If you don’t want to dye it completely red, adding some highlights will make a world of difference, especially when the sun hits it. It will showcase a beautiful and rich red tone paired with lots of compliments.

12. Unruly Golden Locks

Unruly hair gives off a bit of a hippie vibe. Bold and dramatic, you can recreate this look by adding in golden highlights throughout your blonde hair. If you don’t naturally have curly hair, consider getting some permed locks. You’ll enjoy the show-stopping look paired with the boost of confidence you’ll instantly receive.

Final Thoughts

Flaunt your hair with any of the above 12 long hairstyles with highlights. When deciding on a look, you want to make sure you go with a hairstylist that specializes in the look you want. If they don’t have a deep knowledge of your desired look, there’s the chance you’ll be disappointed. Therefore, make sure you go with a reputable stylist that’s passionate about what they do and be very clear about what you want!

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