Is it OK to comb wet hair?

No, it is not recommended to comb wet hair as it can cause damage and breakage. It is best to wait until hair is dry before combing or brushing.
When hair is wet, it becomes more elastic and is much more likely to break when pulled or tugged.

Combing or brushing wet hair can cause split ends, which occur when the protective layer of the hair shaft (known as the cuticle) gets damaged from excessive pulling and tugging. When this happens, the outermost layer of your hair splits into two separate strands and appears frayed at the end. Split ends can be difficult to repair since they tend to travel up the strand if not properly trimmed away. Additionally, combing or brushing wet hair can lead to frizziness as well as tangles that are harder to work through than dry strands.

It is best practice for those with long hair in particular to use a wide-tooth comb on their tresses while they are still damp but not soaking wet in order to detangle any knots without causing additional damage. Start by running your fingers through your locks first before using a comb – this will help loosen any mats and make them easier for you (or someone else) to get out without too much effort. Avoid using brushes on wet hair altogether unless you have very thick straight locks that do not tangle easily; otherwise opt for an all-in-one brush/comb combo tool instead that has both narrow bristles for styling plus wider prongs specifically designed for detangling knots without ripping through delicate strands of mane!

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