How to Wax Your Legs at Home in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to waxing your legs at home rather than getting it professionally done, you’ll find that it can be trickyas well as sticky. However, if you get it right, you’ll end up saving yourself tons of money and time. 

Additionally, word on the street is that your hair can actually grow less over time when you wax it as opposed to shaving. So, if you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of waxing your legs and learn how to best do it at home, check out the information we’ve shared with you below!

Make Sure Your Hair is the Right Length

If you’re planning on waxing your legs, you first need to make sure that the hair is long enough for wax removal. If you wax your legs and the hair is too short, the wax won’t be able to adhere to it. On the other hand, hair that’s too long will cause you lots of pain when you rip off the wax. The sweet spot length that’ll be prime for waxing is about a quarter of an inch. Instead of frequently taking a ruler to your leg hair, a good tip is to allow one month between waxing.

The Preparation

A couple days prior to waxing your legs, you’ll want to exfoliate them in order to remove dead skin. Be sure not to do this right before the removal, because this will likely cause inflammation and discomfort. Additionally, if you know you’re sensitive to pain, a good idea to prepare yourself would be to take a couple ibuprofen pills shortly before completing the wax so you won’t feel as much pain during the process.

The Wax

The number one thing you’ll need in order to get your legs hair-free and silky smooth is a waxing kit that comes with the necessary materials, including strips, a wooden applicator and of course – wax. You’ll be able to find waxing starter kits online or consider making your own sugar waxing kit. This type of wax is easier to wash off. 

Step-By-Step Instructions

Once you’ve acquired the wax or sugar you’re going to use on your legs, you can follow the instructions listed on the box to get it to the correct temperature for safe application to the skin. Generally, this can be done by microwaving the item or by placing the container of wax within very hot water so that it melts.

With your wax or sugar melted, follow the steps below that describe how to wax your legs:

Step 1: Take some baby powder and apply a light amount all over your leg skin. The purpose of this is to help the wax adhere better to the hair. Be sure to get baby powder that is cornstarch-based.

Step 2: Work in small sections. When you’re applying the wax, do it in the direction that your hair has grown while holding the wooden applicator at a 90-degree angle. You’ll want the layer of wax to be thin and smooth.

Step 3: Making sure to do this step before the wax has had time to cool, press down a strip firmly onto the wax and smooth it out in the direction of your hair growth.

Step 4: After smoothing out the wax beneath the strip, you’ll want to peel it in the opposite direction that the hair has grown – and you’ll want to do this quickly. It’ll be less painful if you avoid pulling straight up. If you feel a stinging sensation after removing the wax, it might be helpful to apply some pressure immediately following the removal.

Step 5: After removing all of your leg hair with wax, a good final step would be to apply a lotion that contains salicylic acid, which can help prevent ingrown hairs. 

Final Takeaway

Getting your legs to be hair-free and silky smooth isn’t so hard to do by yourself at home. Simply follow the leg waxing tips and steps above. With a few simple materials, you can save time and money and walk away with legs that feel smooth and healthy. 

Since waxing your legs can be a bit stressful, don’t forget to follow up with some self care: the next day, grab a bath bomb and have a relaxing soak. Happy waxing, love!

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