How to Waterproof Your Makeup

We’re at the tail-end of summer, but that doesn’t mean the heat is gone — and for some areas, this is the peak rainy season as well. Translation? Sweat and rain, or in other words, the biggest enemies of a face-full of makeup. 

If you don’t have waterproof makeup to withstand these natural culprits, don’t worry! You are not doomed. In fact, with only a few extra steps in your makeup routine, you can prevent the smudging and smearing that occurs with a dampened face.

Below, we’re going to discuss how to waterproof makeup to keep your colors fresh and smudge-free, so if you’re ready to learn more, keep reading! 

Primer First

There are so many benefits to beginning your makeup routine with a strong primer. Not only does a good primer assist your makeup in going onto your skin more smoothly, but it also supports your look in lasting longer. It accomplishes this by acting as a layer of protection which prevents foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush and highlighter from becoming too absorbed by the skin. 

Lucky for us, there are tons of different types of primers available in the makeup world. So whether you need redness correction or to fill in pores, there are primers for all skin types. 

Use a Makeup Sponge

When it comes to applying makeup, one of the best products to have on hand is a makeup sponge. These are specifically made to help buff product into skin and ultimately help makeup last longer. So, whether you’re applying foundation, BB cream or CC cream, be sure to use a makeup sponge for best results.

Lock in Your Lashes

We all know how helpful waterproof mascara can be. However, finding the perfect mascara formula for lashes looks different for every person. This is where a lash primer can be very useful — plus, it works for all lashes. Simply swipe it on prior to your favorite mascara and you’ll end up with quality, waterproof lashes.

Wax the Brows

Beyond lash primer, another product that can be really helpful while waterproofing makeup is a wax primer. These can be applied after using a brow pencil or powder. All you have to do is work it through your brow hairs and voila, you have waterproof brows!

Longwear Sealant

One of the most effective ways of transforming products that aren’t waterproof into waterproof ones is by utilizing a longwear sealant. Sometimes, these sealants come in the form of droppers, which can be added to shadow brushes before applying eyeshadow or even gel liners. What’s great about this type of product is that while it’s helping your makeup last longer, it can also enhance pigments – giving you a beautiful, extra pop of color. 

Setting with Powder

An important tip to keep in mind while making makeup waterproof is to consider opting for a translucent powder to apply over your tinted powder or powder foundation. The purpose of this is to help your look feel lighter, so it doesn’t look like you have a lot of product on your face. 

Additionally, a good waterproofing method, also known as a baking technique, is applying a thin coat of loose powder on your face and then wiping off.

Setting with Spray

Finally, the last step you’ll want to take in completing your waterproof look is using a setting spray. The same way cars get a clear coat at the car wash to protect from grime and dirt, setting spray does this for makeup. 

When you’re done applying your lip color or putting the finishing touches on your brow game, generously spritz a setting spray all over your face. Doing this helps ensure that all the work you just did remains protected from things like humidity, sweat and water splashes. 


A rainy day or weather so hot it makes you sweat should not keep you from rocking your favorite look. Not having waterproof makeup on hand shouldn’t stop you either. If you’re wanting to enjoy yourself and slay your facial makeup on a day where the elements are out to get you, waterproofing your makeup is a good way to go. You deserve to enjoy your makeup, regardless of humidity, rain or heat. 

So, follow the steps and tips above to produce the best results for your day out and have fun, beautiful!

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