How to wash hair correctly?

Wet your hair, apply shampoo and massage it into your scalp, then rinse thoroughly and follow with conditioner. Finally, rinse the conditioner out completely.

Creating the perfect hair care routine isn’t always easy. But with a few simple steps, you can keep your hair looking and feeling its best. The first step is to wet your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. You want to make sure that all of your strands are saturated so that the shampoo will be able to clean them properly. After wetting it, apply shampoo specifically designed for your hair type directly onto your scalp using gentle massaging motions. This helps distribute the product evenly throughout and remove any dirt or buildup from styling products like hairspray or mousse.

Once you have fully worked in the shampoo into both sides of your head, rinse out all of the suds until there is no trace left behind in order to avoid weighing down or drying out the locks later on when styling. Now it’s time for conditioner! Depending on how dry or damaged your tresses are, use either a regular conditioning formula for everyday maintenance or an intensive moisturizing treatment if needed. Work this through mid-lengths as well as ends focusing more product at those areas since they tend to be drier than roots due to lack of natural oils produced by our scalps there. Leave conditioner sit on strands while washing body then rinse completely afterwards before getting out of shower so it doesn’t remain sitting too long and potentially weigh down locks further creating limpness once dried off after showering is complete..

Finally, take a wide tooth comb beginning at bottom section near nape area running up length towards crown working through tangles carefully without yanking too hard (to avoid breakage) – not only does this help detangle but also distributes remaining moisture evenly within each strand giving final result shiny look once dried off later post-showertime task completion . Following these steps every couple days will leave you with healthy looking tresses all year round – happy hairdressing!

• Wetting your hair with lukewarm water is the first step when creating a good hair care routine.
• Conditioners are designed to be used on mid-lengths and ends of the hair as they tend to be drier.
• Combing through tangles after shampooing and conditioning helps spread moisture evenly throughout strands, resulting in shiny locks.

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