How to Use a Bath Bomb for the Ultimate Night In!

We all know that a relaxing bath can be the solution to a stressful week or stressful month, and what better to pair that with than a fun bath bomb? However, if you’re new to using bath bombs or just ill informed, you could be using a bath bomb wrong. Don’t panic. I am going to make sure you know how to use a bath bomb on your relaxing night in. Here is the full rundown on how to use a bath bomb correctly and some fun tips to try with it!

Why Use a Bath Bomb

Before we dive in? Let’s talk about what is in a bath bomb, and why using a bath bomb is a good idea to start with. Bath bombs are growing in popularity in the last 10 years. They are fun gift ideas and also fun to watch dissolve. They are also easy to make on your own (see my tips later). But are bath bombs worth it? 

Bath bombs are typically made up of bath salt, essential oils, and creams to soften or nourish your skin. This can range drastically in specifics, but they are a fun way to add to your bath water without a bubble bath. 

They are also wildly popular for the colors and effects they have on the water. More complex bath bombs can come in fun shapes such as donuts or blocks of gold and can turn the water into iridescent colors that make for an entertaining bath. Other people add flowers or other touches into the bath bomb. 

A newer trend is adding a surprise to the bath bomb, such as a piece of jewelry. Companies are charging around $20 for a bath bomb with a surprise inside, and you have to wait and see what you get! This is an exciting thing to look forward to for your nightly relaxation routine. 

How to Use your Bath Bomb

Okay, you caught me. Maybe the bath bomb isn’t all that complicated to use, but there are some major flaws in the way you relax while using your bath bomb. Here’s a step by step guide to get the most relaxation out of your night: 

1. Clean Slate

Nothing is more stressful than staring at a messy room while you are trying to relax. Make sure your bathroom is clutter-free before getting in the tub for the night. 

2. Add some Candles

Candles are known to create a relaxing vibe. Grab your favorite smelling candles and light them! If you’re not a big candle fan, no worries. Grab a wax warmer or diffuser. Pick your favorite scents, turn on the light, and voila. The ambiance is set. 

3. Wine? 

Relaxation and wine go hand in hand. The adult peanut butter and jelly. Pour yourself a glass. Red. White. Whatever you like. If you don’t drink, make your favorite mocktail or grab another beverage of choice. 

4. Activity

Relaxation can be difficult for those constantly running around. Find a simple activity to ground you. Grab a book you are reading, pull out your tablet to catch up on a show, or a fun crossword puzzle. Whatever it is, make sure it is a fun activity for you and helps soothe your stress rather than add to it. 

5. Bath Tray 

Keeping up with your new activities will be quite difficult without something to set them on. Make sure you have a bath tray, preferably one that can hold your wine and your activity. If you can, add the candle onto the tray as well, but be careful. Safety first!

6. Add the bath bomb. 

Finally, we made it. The time has come. Grab your bath bomb and dip it in. Personally, I like setting the bath bomb under the water as it runs for a quicker dissolve time. If you are more patient and enjoy watching the dissolving process, wait until you have filled the tub and dip the bath bomb in. 

7. Final Touch

Last but not least, turn on your favorite music that gets you relaxed. You can bring a speaker into the bathroom or play it off of your phone. Make sure the music is not too distracting to keep you from doing your activity!

How to Make a Bath Bomb

If you are looking for a fun activity, or want to save a few extra bucks, try making your own bath bomb. This can be done a variant of ways, but here is my favorite way. 

1. Pick a mold.

Whether you have a mold or not, decide what shape you want the bath bomb to be. You can use your fingers or a premade mold, but make sure to pack the bath bomb tightly. If not, the bomb can fall about and that is no fun. 

2. Make the concoction. 

Grab 1 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup citric acid, 1/2 cup Epsom salt, 1/2 cup cornstarch, and 3/4 tablespoon of water. Mix it all together in a bowl. Grab your favorite scent of essential oil and add a few drops to your mixture. Add oil of choice to give moisture.

3. Pack it. 

Once it is mixed well. Start packing into your mold and you are done!

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