How to Tame Baby Hairs

Ah, a question we have all asked a few times. How do I know what to do with baby hairs? It can be a difficult question to answer.  If you aren’t familiar with the term, baby hairs are the short fly away hair that typically fall at the front of your hairline, but can also be throughout your hair if you have damaged hair prone to breakage.

Baby hairs can be an extremely annoying problem to solve. Just when you master a difficult hairstyle you have been perfecting for the past thirty minutes, up pop some stray hairs to ruin the look. Yes, we have all experienced that, too. 

So how do you keep your baby hairs in check? I’ve done my research, tried a few things myself, and have narrowed it down to a few of the best solutions. Here are my top tricks for you that can help keep your baby hair tame and your hairstyle shining. Let’s get started. 

1. Toothbrush and Gel

Do you love pulling your hair back for days on the go? If you are simply wanting a quick fix for your messy ponytail, try adding a bit of gel to a toothbrush and brushing your hair back. This will keep the baby hair locked in without creating a stick-straight look with loads of gel.

Just be sure to have a separate toothbrush that you can distinguish from your regular brush! That would not be tasty, that is for sure! For ladies that are always in a rush, try keeping a brush and a small bottle of gel in your car for impromptu style emergencies. 

2. Gel

If you are looking for a dramatic style or have more pesky baby hairs, you can slick your hair back in a tight ponytail or a slicked back all down look. Grab a dollop of gel and evenly disperse it through the front of your hair. 

For a sleek pony, pull it into a tight hair tie, and you are ready! Adding some bobby pins to the all down look will help. Pin them behind your ear to keep them hidden and ensure your hair won’t fall. This look is great for events when you can use a bold statement. Be sure to commit to the look and brush out all the bumps to fully pull this look off. 

A little bit of gel goes a long way, so don’t go crazy with it! 

3. Hairspray

Not a fan of gel? You can use hairspray instead. You can apply hairspray to any look, up or down. However, hairspray can be a bit more difficult to keep your body in your hair, so try to use this method only in case of an emergency. 

When it is needed be sure to keep the hairspray a good 6 inches away from your hair to keep it from hardening or unevenly dispersing. Also, look for spray hairspray over aerosol cans to help reduce the harsh environmental impacts. Little changes can help in huge ways. 

4. Styling Cream 

Rather than hiding your baby hairs, why not incorporate them into your look? Pick up a styling cream from your local beauty store. Be sure the styling cream is made for your specific hair type to prevent headaches down the line. 

You can style your baby hairs into a fun design such as a wave or lines. Be sure to let the styling cream set before messing with the hairs. This may take some practice to perfect, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t turn out the first go around. You can use a toothbrush or a mascara wand to create the design. The more precise the better. 

5. Heat Tools

Another way to reshape your baby hairs is to use heat tools. While this is an effective way, I would not recommend this method often. More often than not, baby hair is from damage to your hair or hair loss, so adding heat onto the fragile hair will only make matters worse. 

However, using a straightener to push the hairs down is effective when you are really in need. Try to straighten the hairs in the direction your hair dried, so if you parted your hair down the middle, don’t switch to a side part with the straightener. This will most likely not hold and you will be stuck with baby hairs flying by the middle of the day. 

A little heat goes a long way, so don’t overuse your straightener. 

6. Clear Mascara

Last but not least, many companies are creating clear mascara like products specifically to hold down baby hairs. If you don’t want to buy that or can’t find any, you can use average clear mascara. This is a very similar method to the toothbrush, but not as heavy with product on your hair. However, the clear mascara still does a good job holding your hairs down or back or whichever direction you would like. 

In Conclusion

There are plenty of variations of each of these methods, and lots of the methods overlap, so get creative. Learning what to do with baby hair is something we all struggle with, so don’t be afraid to ask around and learn from other people’s methods!

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