How to Store Makeup Brushes Properly

If you wear makeup, then you can join in the struggle of always having one too many makeup brushes. Over the years, the build up of makeup brushes is bound to happen. The hundreds of brushes that look almost identical but each serve a different purpose can overwhelm your makeup bag or vanity without even meaning to. 

Today, I’m going to talk about the best ways to store makeup brushes properly to ensure your brushes stay in the best shape possible and you can use each of them practically. So grab your mound of brushes and enjoy. 

First things first, determine which category you fit in best. Are you the type to do your makeup at home, or in the car on the go? Depending on the lifestyle you live, you’ll need to adapt your makeup brush storage to match. 

Home Storage

For home makeup storage, there are few options:

1. Old Cup

This might not be the fanciest brush holder, but there are loads of cute coffee mugs and this can be used as a means of decoration as well as makeup brush holder. Or it can work as an option if you don’t want to buy anything specifically for makeup brushes but are tired of having them take over your space. 

However, if you have too many brushes, it can be difficult and unhelpful to cram every brush into the one coffee mug. This works best for those who have accumulated a few brushes and want an easy fix to go grab in their home right now while reading this article. 

2. Single Container

This is a step up from an old cup for sure. With a tad bit more space and a specific use in a single container, there is a lot more leaning towards this choice for makeup brush storage. 

 I like the acrylic options to really help see your brushes and also pleasing to the eye. These come at a relatively cheap price typically and are definitely worth the investment to save yourself a headache down the line. 

3. Divided Drawers

My personal favorite option, divided drawers keep makeup brushes tucked away without hiding them when you need to find a specific one. It also can be labeled to help narrow down which type of brushes. For example, one drawer could be specifically for eyeshadow brushes and another for foundation brushes. 

This helps save on time when you are getting ready searching for a specific brush, and if you are like me, you can use all the time you can get while trying to get ready for the day. Simple and efficient is the best way to go with any morning routine. Trust me. 

On the Go

On the go needs some special care to help assist the hectic lifestyle of applying makeup anywhere and everywhere. As a personal fan of this way of life, here are my favorite storage options:

1. Brush Roll

If you’ve ever seen a makeup artist at work that travels for the job, then you’ve probably seen a makeup brush roll. This is the most efficient and high quality way to carry makeup brushes while on the go. It rolls up to help condense the amount of space it uses and keeps each brush in their own pocket to help spot the brush you need. 

It also allows for the brushes to “breathe” by having no seal on either end. This can be helpful to prevent mold or any other issues with wet brushes from cleaning, product, or wipes.

2. Pencil Case

This is the least preferred method in my opinion, as it can be more difficult to find the specific brush I need. It also gets dirty quicker than other options since the brushes will rub against the sides of the pencil case guaranteed.  However, it does get the job done and can work for temporary purposes if you are traveling or needing something in a bind. Not to mention it is definitely a cheap solution. 

3. Compartment Makeup Bag

This is how I hold my brushes. I enjoy having my brushes in the same bag as my makeup. Less bags to worry about, and with so many awesome makeup bags on the market, you can find an affordable option that has enough space to fit everything. 

Typically this option has dividers that can move around to suit what you need as well as pockets on the top of the makeup bag lid. This is where most of my brushes fit. If at all possible, try to keep the brushes and makeup separate to prevent a mess down the line. 

I also try to clean my brushes with a makeup brush wipe after each use to help keep my space clean. 

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