How To Stop Picking Your Face: 7 Proven Solutions

Picking at your face is an addictive and terrible habit that most of us have had at some point in our lives. Whether the cause is anxiety, acne, or just frustration with the state of our skin, face picking is never the answer. So how do you convince yourself to finally quit? Good question.

I have been the queen of this bad habit, so I’ve tried everything. I have googled how to stop picking your face more times than I can count, but I finally stumbled across the solutions that do the trick. Lucky for you, I’m going to concise it all down into one simple list for you. No hundred google searches, just one easy guide. So without further ado, here is my treasured list that allowed me to go from picking at my face to showing it off. 

1. Clip those Nails

I know we love our claws, but one of the biggest game changers for me was fixing my nails. This way, I didn’t have the option of picking at my nails. This can mean clipping them down well or getting thick acrylics that can’t get a grip on your picking prone areas. Whichever direction, commit to it. I promise your claws will have their moment to shine after you nip your bad habit in the bud. 

2. Find a Distraction

If your reason for face picking is rooted in anxiety, one of the best solutions is to find an alternative to pick at or mess with. For me, this was finding a fidget cube. It has 6 different options of buttons, switches, and knobs to mess with. While it may sound trivial, this helps get the nervous jitters out without causing damage to your face or nails even (shoutout to my nail biters). Fidget toys are a game changer. 

3. Therapy

On the same subject, if you are experiencing anxiety to this degree, try finding a therapist. Typically, our anxiety is coming from somewhere, or can be a medical issue. Our therapist can determine what the best means of treatment are to ensure we fix the root of the problem. 

4. Journal or Speak Affirmations

Most of the time, the root of the issue with our face picking obsession is an issue internally with ourself. Try journaling or speaking positive affirmations to yourself each morning. This combats our inner critic with positive and productive words. Accepting our skin as it is will help reduce the means to pick at it and worry about changing it. When we learn to love our body and let it heal, it can thrive and become what we were seeking after in the first place. 

5. Moisturize

Maybe there are some major skin issues happening with your face. That is okay! It happens to all of us. Most of the time, if we are having issues that can be picked at, it is a moisture issue. I have loads of articles about ways to get better moisture including skin care routines and the best face treatments in other articles. You can try a face mask as well to give your skin an extra boost. There are hundreds of options catered to different needs.

Exfoliation is another great option. If you are picking at dead skin, it may mean that your skin is in need of exfoliation. Try dermaplaning. This can remove dead skin cells and even some unwanted peach fuzz. I do this once a month to keep my skin issues under control.  There are some gentle exfoliators as well as chemical exfoliators that will exfoliate without damage if you prefer them over dermaplaning. 

6. No Mirror 

I know. How is that even possible? You might not be able to completely eliminate mirrors from your life, but you can reduce the amount of time you sit in front of one. Personally, inspecting every flaw is the biggest culprit in picking at parts of my face I don’t like or think look awful. Give your skin a break as well as your inner critic and cut out intense mirror time. I promise those belishes stand out to you way more than they will to anyone who sees you. 

7. See a Professional

If your face feels like it is in need of picking after all of this, it may be an issue that is bigger than just leaving your skin alone. Consider going to a dermatologist to get professional help on your skin concerns. Not only will this stop your face picking, it can fully solve the issue by addressing the root of your skin issues. D

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