How to Stop Concealer From Settling in Creases and Lines

Concealer can completely transform your makeup look. With just a few swipes your one dimension foundation can transform into a multidimensional look of contour. However, if you’ve ever used concealer, then you are quite familiar with how frustrating it can be when concealer settles into fine lines that do the exact opposite of elevating a look. 

Don’t let this get you down. Your very own big sister on all things hair and beauty has you covered. There are ways to prevent this! So take a seat, grab your pen and paper, and get ready for a crash course on concealer do’s and don’ts. Here are my tips and tricks on preventing creasing concealer from ruining my makeup look of the day: 

1. Prep Prep Prep

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to their makeup routine is not the makeup they use or the way they apply it, but the way they treat their skin before and after they apply makeup. How to treat your skin and maintain a skin care routine is the most important component of how your makeup looks. 

This includes washing your face with the right cleanser, finding a good moisturizer, and applying a primer before you add your makeup. And, ofcourse, you can never forget your sunscreen! Let’s keep our skin free of sun damage and early aging. There are other specific skin routine options that can benefit your skin issues and skin type, so be sure to check out my other articles on skin care routines to fine tune your specific one. However, these four steps will never steer you wrong. 

2. Find the Right Tool

Another mistake that many fall into is using the wrong applicator for your concealer. Concealer is not the same as foundation. It needs its own application tool and application technique. You can use a mini beauty blender to get into the small creases or a concealer brush. These will have the best results and allow for the most effective application so extra concealer doesn’t build up in the creases. 

3. Be Strategic

While it can be compelling to apply concealer everywhere the light touches, the key to preventing makeup creasing under eyes is to apply strategically. You might have seen this in more recent makeup tutorials. People are slowly catching on that you don’t need half a tube of concealer to achieve a brighter under eye. 

Try placing a bit on the inner corner and bring it down just a tad and lining under the outer corner of your eye up to create a lifted look. Blend these in and I promise your concealer will look flawless, undetectable, and you will save loads of product! This can also work to help brighten the sides of you nose as you can blend the inner corner into your nose. 

4. Bake Baby

If you follow my articles, you know I love baking. I have so many articles about the different types of baking, why it works the best, and how it can help remove creases in your makeup! Grab a baking powder of choice (translucent, banana powder, etc) and apply it everywhere you have applied concealer. This means under the eye, the sides of the nose, and under your cheekbones. 

Let this set for 5 to 10 minutes. The point of baking is to soak up any excess oil while packing the useful concealer and foundation where it blends with your skin rather than sitting on top. It creates a matte finish, so my oily girls will love this option. Wipe away the excess powder after your 10 minutes and voila! Flawless concealer without creasing. 

5. Blotting Paper

A tip that isn’t common knowledge that is a total game changer is blotting paper. This is easy to use, can be carried around with you for emergencies, and is the perfect addition to your makeup routine to remove any excess oil or makeup that can cause the cakey look later in the day. 

Grab a sheet, lightly press it on the area, and let it do it’s magic! The blotting paper will absorb the oils and reveal a matte, even texture that can wow everyone you pass. This is great for oily gals to use periodically throughout the day even on your problem areas such as your forehead, chin, or nose. Once you give these things a try, I promise you’ll never let them go. 

6. Slow and Steady

Lastly, one of the biggest helpful tips I’ve found for creasing concealer is to apply it slowly. Rather than packing on way too much as first, or even the total amount you want, applying in small increments can help it settle in your skin better. Look for a buildable concealer, and grab a small amount for each area under the eye that we spoke about. After that is rubbed in, continue until you get your desired look! 

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