How to Shape Eyebrows Like a Pro

Whether your brows are untamed and wildly free or have been overplucked (we’ve all been there), it’s very possible to get your brows to the ideal shape for you. By learning the proper techniques for eyebrow-shaping, you’ll have the knowledge you need to produce brows that flatter your face in the best way. 

So, before you run to the bathroom for your tweezers, let’s delve into how to shape your eyebrows. Before long, you’ll be doing it like a pro!

Decide on a Brow Shape

Prior to even thinking about removing brow hair from your face, you need to think about the shape you want them to be. When you have a vision of the outcome before you begin, you’ll be best prepared to achieve the results you want. 

Everyone’s eyebrows differ slightly, but most fall into one of five categories: 

  • S-shaped
  • Hard-angled
  • Soft-angled
  • Rounded
  • Straight


As a rule of thumb, the shape that’ll be most flattering for you will be the one that follows the natural contours of your brows. Other factors, like the shape of your face, matter as well.

Which Shape is Best for Me?

To figure out which brow shape suits you best, think about your face type. For example, square-faced beauties should go with a smooth-arched brow to balance their look. If you have a round face, you’ll want to be sure that the shape you choose isn’t too thick or thin. Those that have oval faces can go with most shapes, but still it’s best to stay away from those that are too straight or too arched.


When it comes to getting rid of brow hair, waxing has been a long-time favorite technique for many. This method that takes away multiple brow hairs at once provides a neatly-defined shape and results that last a long time. 

For thick-browed beauties, waxing is a great option. While you’re tempted to try this at home with all the waxing kits available out there, unless you’re well-practiced, it might be best to leave this technique to the professionals so that your brows are in experienced hands. 

Alternatively, you can practice carefully with small areas using an at-home wax kit until you get the hang of it!


More often than not, many people tend to feel intimidated at the mere thought of eyebrow threading. However, it’s a great and simple way to remove unwanted brow hair as well as hair from other areas. 

The threading technique is practiced by using small, twisted cotton threads to catch and remove strands in a straight, smooth line. Due to the nature of the action, the results you get from threading are more precise than the ones you achieve with waxing. Some people even say threading is less painful. 

However, when you go to thread your eyebrows for the first time, you’ll want to take it slow. The process may be simple, but getting your movements correct can take time. As always, when in doubt, go to a professional!


A lot of us grow up knowing exactly what tweezers are – they’re common in bathroom cabinets around the world. As familiar as we are with the tool, however, it can still be pretty challenging to use one on our own eyebrows and achieve perfect shapes. 

Plucking to shape is different than plucking to remove stray hairs. When you’re aiming for shape, it’s best to follow a process. First, you should find your ideal shape and full in your eyebrows so that you can use them as an outline. Next, use your tweezers to remove any hairs outside your designated outline. Be sure to pull from the root to avoid breakage. While you’re doing this, go slowly as this will help you avoid over-plucking! 

Eyebrow Shaping Kits

In order to achieve the results you’re looking for when shaping eyebrows, you have to make sure you have the correct tools in your beauty arsenal. An eyebrow shaping kit should have the following: 

  • Tweezers. Be sure to get ones that are slanted as these can pinpoint small, stubborn hairs. 
  • Eyebrow comb. This is great for easy grooming. 
  • Eyebrow scissors. These will help you trim long strands and if you have an eyebrow razor, you will be able to take away excess fuzz.


Shape Your Eyebrows Today

Before you shape your eyebrows, make sure you decide on the shape you want and the method you’ll be using. If you’re unsure or have questions, consult a professional. And, don’t forget makeup is an option since you can fill in your eyebrows with a pencil after shaping and achieve a beautiful outcome.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to give eyebrow lamination a try. This is another great way to achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows! Many estheticians can shape and laminate brows in one sitting. 

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