How to Remove Lipstick in 5 Easy Steps

At the end of a long night, taking off that bright red lip or enticing dark purple lipstick can be annoying, time consuming, and result in a not so flattering result. I feel your pain, and I have had my fair share of smeared lipstick ordeals. No one wants to deal with that at the end of a night. 

Luckily, I have been the ultimate trial and error subject and managed to find the easiest removal method that is quick and effective. Trust me, you are going to want to save this for later when your matte lipstick is still hanging on after a long night with friends. 

Step by Step

Here is one of the best way I have found how to remove lipstick in 4 easy steps: 

  1. Grab a tissue or piece of toilet paper. You will need something light and easy to blot on. This can be a disposable tissue or you can opt for a reusable cloth that you don’t mind having some stains on it. Always better to have less waste, so I would definitely suggest the second! 

  2. Blot your lips onto the tissue paper, toilet paper, or reusable cloth to remove any excess lipstick. This way that excess lipstick is going on the paper rather than all over your face as you try to wipe it off. We have all experienced the red lipstick that keeps growing. No more of that. 

  3. Grab your Vaseline. Vaseline is one the the most moisturizing skin care products you can use in this case. It is also a great skin care product to use without lipstick removal. Loads of people swear by using it on their entire face every night as a barrier. Personally, I like to use it as a lip balm or when my skin is especially dried out on my face for a quick fix. 

  4. Rub the Vaseline all over your lips. This will re moisturize your lips to allow the lipstick to loosen for easier removal. Whether that lipstick be matte, gloss, or old fashioned lipstick, this is a necessary step. 

  5. Grab a makeup pad and wipe the lipstick off. This may take a few swipes depending on the type and amount of lipstick you have, so use the back of the makeup pad if need be. You should come away with clean lips without stains and smudges!

This is a personal favorite of mine since I always have Vaseline on hand to moisturize with. However, there are a few other methods I’ll share in case you aren’t the biggest Vaseline fan! 

Other Methods

  1. Micellar Cleanser: Another go to of mine and many others for removing lipstick is using micellar water. This is easy, effective for all makeup removal, and cheap to buy. My three favorite things after a long night drinking when the last thing I want to do is take off my lipstick. Grab a makeup pad, pour a bit of micellar water, and wipe your lipstick off! You can also incorporate the blotting method first to help. 

  2. Lip Balm: So what if I’m not at home for the night and don’t have anything to take it off with? No problem. Grab some lip balm, add it to your lipstick, and rub it off. It’s always good to carry lip balm with you to help prevent chapped lips regardless. Now it doubles as a remover. The chapstick acts like the vaseline and loosens the dried lipstick enough to slide off without major smearing. No more smeared lipstick, walk of shame in the morning! Try walking out fresh and ready for the day. 

  3. Oil: With the same idea, you can grab any type of oil for removing lipstick. Follow the 5 steps above and simply substitute the vaseline for the oil. This can be specifically formulated for lip oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and a few more options. Just make sure whichever kind you use is acceptable for your face. Personally, this method can be a bit messier, but oil does feel great on your lips and provides the necessary moisture. 

  4. Toothbrush: For the patches that will not come off, you can also opt for a toothbrush to scrub those pesky areas away. I like to make sure my lips have some form of moisture on them already such as a lip balm, vaseline, or lip oil to help. Scrub gently so you don’t damage your lips, and this is just the right amount to remove those spot areas that might not get picked up by a makeup pad. 

There ya have it. A few great options for how to remove lipstick when you are in a bind. Now grab your favorite bold lip, take a night out on the town, and never worry about struggling to take it off when you get home ever again!

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