How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

Eyelash Extensions are gaining popularity more and more each year. Rather than dealing with lash glue, the expense of buying fake eyelashes, and the hassle of keeping up with them, eyelash extensions are a much simpler solution. Some women are even doing their own lash extensions, although I definitely would not recommend this for the health of your lashes.  However, professional eyelash extensions are also a major hazard for damaging your natural lashes.

There are many reasons for this, but one of the leading reasons is improper removal. Today, I am going to give you a simple step by step on how to take off lash extensions at home, so you never have to worry about damaging your lashes again. 

Step by Step

1. Remove makeup

Makeup buildup can make removing lash extensions much more difficult, so be sure to grab a gentle eye makeup remover solution and remove all mascara and eye makeup before starting. Whether you have extensions or not, always be gentle when removing eye makeup. Don’t scrub. Gently swipe the solution over your eyes until the makeup is fully removed. 

2. Steam

Using steam will help soften your lashes to make for an easier removal without pulling your natural lashes out in the process. This can be done a few ways. You can take a hot shower, use a steamer, or grab a bowl of hot water and hold it up to your face for a few minutes to let the steam do its job. 

3. Cotton Ball and Oil

Grab a cotton ball or makeup sponge and dip it in olive or coconut oil. Don’t fully saturate the cotton ball, but add enough to fully cover your lashes in the oil. This will loosen them up to slip off. Be sure to keep the oil out of your eye, and don’t overdo it. You can also buy a dissolving remover if you are hesitant to try with the oil. Either way, keep it out of your eyes. 

5. Remove 

Gently pull them lashes off either with your fingers or using a makeup cloth and an eyelash tool. Be sure to let them slide off on their own. You should not have to pull hard or even yank on your lashes. They should slide off the lash. 

6. Leave the strays 

If you have a few lashes that have not come off, resist the urge to yank them out. While this might feel satisfying, it can significantly damage your lashes. I would much rather have a random longer lash than an empty patch. 

Salon Removal

While you can remove your lashes with this method, I would still recommend going into a professional salon to get your lashes removed. While it can be tempting to stay home, they are professionals for a reason. They know how to handle eyelashes with care and will have the best results in keeping your natural lashes healthy. 

Many are opting for home removals and self-care tips while in quarantine, but as we venture back into the world, let’s leave the DIY in 2020 if at all possible. Removing fake eyelashes is not a hobby to bring with us into 2021. 

Damaging your eyelashes is not worth the extra time or money you will save not making the trip. However, if you are adamant about home removal and are really in a bind, now you have the safest way. 

Tips and Tricks

Another important tip is to give your eyelashes breaks between your eyelash extensions. While it can be tempting to go years with extensions to keep your long lash look alive, this can be detrimental to your natural lashes and a huge headache to repair. 

While you are giving your lashes a break, try using the serum on your natural lashes to promote growth and build up strength to prevent breakage on the next round. Natural lashes can be nurtured into growing quite long especially when giving them room to breathe without heavy mascara or fake lashes weighing them down. 

If you are a big fan of mascara, be sure to fully remove your mascara each night before you go to sleep. Not only can this be harmful to your natural lashes, but improper removal of mascara can result in eyelash mites. Never heard of them? Eyelash mites are tiny little bugs that can live on your eyelashes when you do not properly remove mascara. 

Enough said? I know I do not want any bugs in my eyes. 

If you still aren’t on board for the eyelash break, you can use glue on eyelashes for special occasions to mimic extensions. Again, proper removal is key. Be sure to clean the lashes after each use and keep use to a minimum. 

In Conclusion

There ya have it. While it can be useful to know how to remove your eyelash extensions in an emergency, hopefully, that emergency will not come. Be sure to take all the risks into consideration, be mindful of your eyelash care, and make your decision wisely. 

Long eyelashes or not, you can always benefit from caring for your body. So relax, put on an eye mask, and treat yourself for the night. Hopefully with a load full of lashes on!

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